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Solo Farming Strategies for WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Phase 2

The much anticipated 'WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Phase 2' is lingering around the corner. It is set to release on the 8th of February 2024. This blog will explore effective solo farming strategies for players looking to earn gold and other valuable items.


Whether you are a mage, a shaman, a hunter, or any of the classes, one can agree that fishing is a highly efficient way of earning gold and several other valuable materials like Silk Cloth, Stonescale eels which are used in the creation of high-demand potions and so on. Areas like Azshara, Stranglethorn Vale, Feralas, etc., are good spots for fishing, depending on the items the player is seeking.

Dungeon Farming

Solo farming certain dungeons, such as the popular Dire Maul dungeon or the Maraudon, can yield valuable items such as the Ghost Mushroom, Gromsblood, and several other materials. With the addition of new dungeons and modification of bosses and loot in the present dungeons, players can look forward to more rewarding loot.

Auction House

Buying consumables and items from vendors for low prices and re-selling them for higher prices at the WoW Classic SoD Auction House are the simplest yet most effective methods for earning some good money. You can also buy slot bags from capital city sellers and re-sell them at increased rates for a good profit. 

Tip: It is best to avoid re-selling on weekends as the market is mostly saturated on those days, and re-selling may result in an overall loss.


The mining profession in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery is ideal for farming valuable ores and gold. The another best way to get gold is for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Players can pair the mining profession with almost any other profession as it is compatible with most. The ideal professions that mining can be paired with are blacksmiths and engineering. Players can harvest iron, gold, mithril, and thorium from various zones scattered throughout Azeroth. Miners can also find various gems and stones through mining.

Miners can earn a good profit by selling their resources on the Auction House as these resources are essential for upgrading or crafting armour, levelling up weapons, and crafting weapons. The gems and stones are also used in creating accessories, various trinkets, and jewel crafting.

WoW Classic SoD Phase 2 Mining


Herbalism is an essential profession in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery often paired with Alchemy as herbs can be used to create elixirs and potions alike. Herbalism is also efficient when paired with fishing as one can find valuable herbs by the riverside when fishing.

The Barrens, Wetlands, and Desolace are some good places for herbalists to explore. Herbalists should also be on the lookout for herbs selling in the Auction House at lower prices. On the other hand, herbalists can sell their valuable herbs in the Auction House for a good profit.

Tip: Players might see changes in prices after the release of Phase 2, so, be on the lookout for that!

PvP: Beware The Blood Moon

During Phase 2, a new PvP event called, 'Beware The Blood Moon' will occur every 3 hours, lasting for 30 minutes, in which killing players will reward you with currency that can be traded for various valuable rewards. This event will take place in Stranglethorn Vale. Playing solo is recommended for this event as players in groups will be targeted by the Blood Moon, a mistress punishing those in raid groups. Items such as Emberblood Seal, Sanguine Clasher, etc. can be purchased with the earned currency.

Rare/Elite Mobs

Identifying rare mobs in high-level zones that drop valuable or rare items can help in increasing inventory as well as help in finding demanded items to sell on the Auction House for increased rates or simply use for crafting. 

Additionally, soloing elite mobs with proper gear and weapons can help in collecting rare drops or valuable vendor loot. Look for elite elemental mobs and dragonkin mobs in areas/zones like Burning Steppes or Winterspring.

The Darkmoon Faire

The Darkmoon Faire is a special event in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery, which takes place monthly in a remote location that appears only during the event. Players of all levels and professions can participate in this event.

During the duration of the Darkmoon Faire, several profession-based quests and mini-games are exclusively available for players to participate in. Upon winning, players are rewarded with the Darkmoon Faire Prize Ticket which serves as the currency for this particular event. 

For players having the professions of Blacksmith, Engineer, or Leatherwork, it is recommended to save enough Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets to be able to buy the 14-slot bag, 'Darkmoon Faire Storage Box'. This will help you have sufficient space in your inventory for farming efficiently during Phase 2.

The Darkmoon Faire also offers a plethora of vendors selling exclusive and unique items, goods, buffs, consumables as well as collectibles. Players can also look forward to gaining achievements by competing in the mini-games and quests. As for the release of Phase 2, we may be able to see new rewards and quests for this event. 

WoW Classic SoD Phase 2 The Darkmoon Faire

Level Quests

Whether or not you are new to the game or an experienced player, completing level quests is a good strategy for farming gold and other rewards. It is better to focus on completing the quests within the level of 15 to 20 before the release of Phase 2. This will allow the player to have a sufficient amount of time to complete other quests during Phase 2.


Undoubtedly, the WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Phase 2 will be an exciting and highly anticipated release. By following these farming strategies and tips, you will be well-prepared for the release of Phase 2 and ready to enjoy all the exciting adventures that come with it!

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