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Tips for Completing Key Quests in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Phase 2

There are plenty of new tasks to finish in this Season of Discovery Phase 2. Start early and finish the questlines when they are released if you wish to advance. Blizzard claims that further Season of Discovery phases will come earlier in the spring and summer with a lot more extra features that will enhance your gaming experience, in light of the excitement and expectation. Completing quests that are important to increase your stats in the game is the task of utmost priority and doing them efficiently will lead you to garner more rewards and in turn make your levelling experience much more exciting. 

Players are giddy with anticipation to test out all of the new features in World of Warcraft as Season of Discovery enters its second phase. In addition to being the primary location for players to level up, Gnomeregan will also provide them with access to fresh runes that allow them to experiment with various class roles and configurations. It's time to get ready and outshine your rivals as Season of Discovery Phase 2 approaches. To help with this endeavour, we have compiled an essential guide for you that will greatly improve your overall experience and offer many opportunities to farm missions. 

Select a Proper Class

Every class received updated skills and abilities. Some even got promoted to new positions. While rogues, shamans, and warlocks can tank, mages can also be healers. Therefore, perhaps this is the moment to choose between sticking with your all-time favourite or choosing an option that can fill all three functions. If you're having fun, there's no right or wrong decision.


As phase 2 of Season of Discovery is here, you need to be extra prepared. Before you begin your journey, make sure you have the required supplies and equipment. You'll be able to survive longer and finish the objectives more rapidly if you do this. Please remember Warsong Gulch and your cloth turnings. You might receive additional XP from this, up to about 10,000.

Up till Level 26, silk will be unlocked. Hold on to extra wool and silk till then so that you'll have enough stuff for tasks when you advance in the game. For instance, non-quest materials like Blue Pearls are required for several Badlands missions, such as pearl diving, which is accessible at Level 30. Don't let a lack of supplies prevent you from gaining extra experience points.

Key Quests in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Phase 2


We think that selecting a task that increases your experience points is always preferable. In actuality, certain quests—such as Elite quests - give you many more experience points than 3,000, while other quests merely award a thousand points. A little follow-up on a quest can occasionally get you extra experience points to accelerate your progress. Selecting a mission that is more efficient is also considerate. Consider obtaining some extra quests, such as pick-up goods, that don't require recording in your quest log.

Getting a hold of these quests will require you to spend Gold, the in-game currency of WoW Classic SoD. If you are falling short of the gold, the best way to get them is for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Better with friends

Try teaming up with other players to finish a task if you're experiencing problems finishing it by yourself. This may simplify and improve the quests. Never be scared to seek assistance from other players or internet resources if you're stuck on a task. There are lots of people out there that are eager to assist you. 

Get Your Alts Ready

In World of Warcraft, you can't have it all on one character. Thus, having alts is a popular habit. They get you access to items that your main character isn't able to have because of constraints. For instance, equipment from weekly lockout raids, professions involving crafting and gathering, etc.

Possessing a couple of additional characters will provide you with more options, especially if they have various roles and classes. 

Best in Slots or BiS

Right now, the greatest potential gear selection for your class is called Best in Slots, or BiS. Even though the level cap isn't too high, it's still advisable to prepare. Having good equipment will benefit you in both Phases 1 and 2. Remember that WoW Classic is where Season of Discovery takes place, and OG WoW is far more difficult than the retail version. The equipment's high character stats will lessen the challenge to some extent. The best of equipment will help you complete the key quests more efficiently and help you win more prizes. 

Build up Reputation

We are able to access new bracers, rings, cloaks, and necklaces as our reputation rises. The suppliers' exchanged supplies may raise the likelihood of gaining greater recognition to support Phase 2. At every level cap, we might occasionally receive a new rune at the following reputation level. If you finish this, you'll be prepared for the second phase's release. 

Key Quests in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Phase 2 Guide

World Buffs

Though it has nothing to do with levelling up in Phase 2, you can still strive to obtain these bonuses. In particular, the Dark Moon Faire buff and the Black Fanthom bonus's boon. Make sure you obtain them prior to Phase 2 commencing. This will result in an enhanced movement speed of about 20%. 

We both think that this is absurdly simple and simplistic. But in order to get experience points, this speed is essential. It will come in very handy for both finishing quests and submitting the Quest Stack. Gaining experience at a faster pace helps you level up by gradually increasing it. It should be emphasised that there is no guarantee that this bonus will continue at later levels, but you should still check it out. It is preferable to stockpile movement speed and health potions in your inventory if you want to increase your movement speed quickly and don't want to have to work too hard for it. It's even more practical because you can use them anytime, you'd want.


In conclusion, the following advice will help you finish important tasks in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Phase 2. Be ready for a difficult task - These are not easy undertakings to undertake. To succeed, you'll need to be well-prepared and knowledgeable about the game mechanics. Make a thorough route plan - It's crucial to arrange your travel itinerary in advance because several of these missions demand you to go to isolated areas. Never hesitate to seek for assistance. Never be afraid to seek for assistance from other players or internet guides if you're stuck.

You can accomplish these objectives and get some fantastic rewards with a little work. Thus, why do you delay? Step outside and begin your exploration!

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