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Warzone Mobile System Requirements, Maps, Release Date, Size, and More

Activision recently confirmed the release date of Warzone Mobile which will be 21st March 2024. It is focused to made for Battle Royal Players, but it also has Multiplayer support like COD Mobile. It will offer two Battle Royal Maps, i.e. Verdansk and Rebirth Island (Alcatraz). Activision is giving four exclusive rewards to the Pre-registered players. In this article, you'll know the exact release date and timing of Warzone Mobile for different regions, system requirements, and Maps which will be coming in this game.

Are Warzone PC / Console and Mobile Graphics Same?

No, Warzone PC / Console and Mobile Graphics can never be the same because Mobile devices have low ability to sustain a better performance with PC / Console graphics. You'll see a Graphics change between the Warzone PC / Console and Mobile version. The mobile version will always offer low-quality graphics compared with PC or Consoles.

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Graphics of Multiplayer Map

Warzone Mobile Release Date and Timing:

The Warzone Mobile was already released in some regions such as Spain, Malaysia, Germany, Chile, Norway, Sweden, and Australia to test and improve the game.

Warzone Mobile Release Date 21.03.24In March, Warzone Mobile will be officially released worldwide, so fans should pre-register this game from the Play / App Store. Here are the exact release date and timing of Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile:

  1. Japan - 22nd March, 2024, at 3 AM.

  2. Singapore - 22nd March, 2024, at 2 AM.
  3. India - 21st March, 2024, at 11:30 AM.
  4. Russia - 21st March, 2024, at 9 PM.
  5. UK - 21st March, 2024, at 6 PM.
  6. US EST - 21st March, 2024, at 1 PM.
  7. US PT - 21st March, 2024, at 10 AM.

COD Warzone Mobile has already completed 50 Million Pre-registrations worldwide, which is a large milestone number. COD Mobile completed 20 Million Pre-registrations before launch, so you can expect the hype, fans, and players of Warzone Mobile.

How to Pre-register Warzone Mobile on Android / iOS:

If you Pre-register Warzone Mobile, then it will automatically install on your phone upon release. Plus, you'll get four exclusive rewards from Activision.

Here is the method to Pre-Register Warzone Mobile on Android / iOS:

  1. Open PlayApp Store.

  2. Search "Warzone Mobile".
  3. Tap "Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Mobile" from the search result.
  4. Tap the "Pre-register", "Install", or "Pre-Order" button.

I Pre-registered Call of Duty Warzone Mobile on Play StoreYou'll get these four exclusive rewards upon release if you've pre-registered this game:

  1. The Ghost “Condemned” Male Operator Skin.

  2. The M4 “Archfiend” and X12 “Prince of Hell” Weapon Blueprints.
  3. The “Foe’s Flame” Vinyl.
  4. The “Dark Familiar” Emblem.

Don't miss to Pre-register for the Warzone Mobile game.

Warzone Mobile Game Size:

App Store is showing the 3.9 GB Size of Warzone Mobile. So, we can expect the game size will be around 3.5 GB to 4.0 GB on Android.

Get ready to free up your phone storage to get the addition of Warzone Mobile game on your device.

Keep in Mind, that the Game Size will increase after the addition of new items, characters, and content in the game via Updates, as we already see in COD Mobile.

Warzone Mobile System Requirements:

Warzone Mobile is confirmed to run smoothly on Mid-range, Upper Mid-range, and Flagship phones. This is a new game that is releasing in 2024, so it requires a latest hardware to run perfectly. Here are the minimum system requirements of Warzone Mobile for Android and iOS:

1. Android:

  1. Snapdragon 720 (Adreno 618) or better / MediaTek Dimensity 700 or Helio G96.

  2. 4GB, 6GB, or better RAM.

2. iOS:

  1. Apple A12 Bionic.

  2. iOS 16 or Later.
  3. 3GB RAM or more.

Some devices that offer below hardware than the requirement of Warzone Mobile can also run this game, but you don't get the best performance. Helio G90 / G95 and Snapdragon 685 can also run this game.

Here's the List of Best Devices according to my recommendation that can run Warzone Mobile smoothly:

  1. Asus ROG 6 Series or later.

  2. ZTE Nubia Red Magic 7 Series or later.
  3. iPhone 12 or later.
  4. Samsung Galaxy S21 or later.
  5. Xiaomi 12 Series or later.
  6. Poco X5 GT.
  7. OnePlus 10 Series or later.
  8. Oppo Find X5 Series or later.
  9. Redmi K50.
  10. Realme GT Series.
  11. Redmi Note 13 Pro / Pro Plus.

Warzone Mobile Maps:

Battle Royal:

1. Verdansk:

Verdansk is a 120-player map where you'll be sent to Gulag after death. In Gulag, you need to kill the other eliminated enemy to get back in the game. If you lose the 1v1 match in Gulag, then you'll be completely out of the Verdansk match. This is an interesting Battle Royal map, which will we see on Mobile devices.

Verdansk Battle Royal Map in Call of Duty Warzone Mobile

2. Alcatraz:

If you've played COD Mobile, then you know well about the Alcatraz map. It's a small BR map where 40 players can play at a time. You'll get enemies from time to time on the Alcatraz map because it's a small size and area. You've 5 Death chances, which means that you'll be respawn in the game until your teammate is present in the match. If you and your teammates die before the respawn time, your team will be eliminated from the game. It's an Fast Action and interesting Battle Royal map which we will see in Warzone Mobile with less bots and good graphics.

Rebirth Island Battle Royal Map in Call of Duty Warzone Mobile


Warzone Mobile will also feature a Multiplayer Mode with these Maps on the initial launch:

  1. Shipment.

  2. Shoothouse.
  3. Scrapyard.
  4. Rust.
  5. Farm 18.
  6. Luxury.
  7. Atlas Superstore.
  8. Storage Town.
  9. Storehouse.
  10. Vacant.
  11. TV Station.

Warzone Mobile will offer these Game Modes: Team Deathmatch, Domination, Kill Confirmed, Search & Destroy, and Hardcore Variants.

Shared Progression:

Shared Progression is a great feature that will work between Warzone Mobile, Warzone PC / Consoles, and Modern Warfare 3. The Skins you'll unlock on any of these games will be automatically shared with other ones. Only you need to use the same Activision account on these games.

The Levels, Weapon Levels, Camos, Attachments, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Card, Emblems, Charms, and more will be shared with all of the above games. This will help to maintain the same prestige between Warzone Mobile, Warzone PC / Consoles, and Modern Warfare 3 games.

The bundles you've already bought or plan to buy on Warzone PC / Consoles and Modern Warfare 3 will be shared on Warzone Mobile. However, the Bundles with the "Connected" tag will be applicable for Shared Progression.

Warzone Mobile is the next project by Activision for Mobile devices. It has already completed 50 Million pre-registrations, that's why Activision is also giving four exclusive rewards to them. The two Battle Royal Maps are interesting for this game. The Shared Progression between Warzone Mobile, Warzone PC / Consoles, and Modern Warfare 3 is also an interesting feature that will save your lot of time and money.

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