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Wow Classic Season of Discovery First Aid Guide

First Aid is a secondary profession in World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery that allows players to heal themselves and others with bandages and other crafted items. It is a vital profession for all players, as it can be used to:

  • Restore health after combat or exploration.

  • Cure poison and disease effects.

  • Provide temporary buffs to allies.

In WoW Classic Season of Discovery, First Aid has been updated with several changes and additions, including:

  • New bandage recipes: New bandages have been added that provide more powerful healing effects than previous versions.

  • Bandage stacking: This feature enables players to combine the benefits of various bandages for even more healing.

  • New First Aid supplies: Certain new products, including Anti-Venom and Strong Anti-Venom, have been added. These supplies can be used to treat particular conditions.

  • Lower level cap: Because Season of Discovery has a level cap of 25, players are unable to advance to First Aid's maximum skill level of 300. However, they can still learn all of the essential recipes and craft powerful bandages.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery First Aid profession icon

These changes make First Aid an even more valuable profession in Season of Discovery, and players who master it will have a significant advantage in their adventures.

Here are some of the reasons why First Aid is so important in WoW Classic Season of Discovery:

  • Minimises downtime: You can return to action more quickly if you can recover yourself after a fight.

  • Saves money: You can avoid purchasing bandages from vendors by making your own.

  • Benefits your group: You can aid your group in overcoming challenging material by healing your allies.

  • Increases survivability: First Aid can be the difference between life and death in challenging situations.

Overall, First Aid is a valuable profession that all players should consider taking up in WoW Classic Season of Discovery. With the new changes and additions, it is now more powerful and versatile.

Leveling First Aid: 1-300


Making bandages is the main way to level up First Aid; different kinds of cloth are needed for this. Below is a summary of the supplies required:


  • 50 Linen Cloth: This easily acquired material can be acquired by quest rewards, drops from enemies, or bought from merchants.


  • 90 Linen Cloth: Continue gathering Linen Cloth, focusing on quests and drops.


  • 80 Wool Cloth: Wool Cloth requires venturing into higher-level zones or utilizing the Auction House.

  • 140-160 Silk Cloth: Silk Cloth is primarily obtained from skinning beasts or purchasing from the Auction House.

  • 20 Mageweave Cloth: This rare cloth drops from high-level enemies or can be obtained through tailoring.


  • 250 Runecloth: Primarily found in chests and drops in dungeons and high-level zones.

  • 100-120 Mageweave Cloth: Continue acquiring Mageweave Cloth through drops or tailoring.


  • 300 Netherweave Cloth: This high-level cloth drops in raids and dungeons or can be crafted by Tailors.

Wow Classic Season of Discovery First Aid Guide

Leveling Sections:

Divide the First Aid leveling process into sections based on the cloth required:

  • Linen Bandages (1-40): Focus on crafting Linen Bandages using Linen Cloth.

  • Heavy Linen Bandages (40-75): Craft Heavy Linen Bandages using Linen Cloth.

  • Wool & Silk Bandages (75-150): Switch to Wool Bandages and Silk Bandages.

  • Runecloth & Mageweave Bandages (150-225): Utilize Runecloth and Mageweave Cloth for more potent bandages.

  • Netherweave Bandages (225-300): Craft the powerful Netherweave Bandages in the final stage.

Materials Acquisition Tips:

  • Quests: Prioritize quests that reward cloth or offer opportunities to loot mobs that drop cloth.

  • Dungeons & Raids: Running dungeons and raids can yield significant amounts of cloth.

  • Skinning: Skinning provides valuable leather, which can be sold to vendors for gold to purchase cloth. The another best way to get gold is for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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  • Tailoring: Tailors can turn raw materials like wool and herbs into valuable cloth.

  • Auction House: Utilize the Auction House to buy or sell clothes depending on your needs and market prices.

Learning Bandage Recipes:

Learning the appropriate bandage recipes at specific intervals is crucial to maximizing the experience gain while leveling First Aid. Ensure you learn the following recipes as soon as you reach the required level:

  • Heavy Linen Bandage (75): Offers significantly more experience than Linen Bandages.

  • Wool Bandage (115): Provides even more experience and healing power.

  • Heavy Wool Bandage (150): A significant upgrade to the Wool Bandage.

  • Mageweave Bandage (200): A potent bandage for high-level emergencies.

  • Runecloth Bandage (225): Further improves healing power for end-game content.

  • Netherweave Bandage (275): The most powerful bandage available in Season of Discovery.

First Aid Bandages in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

Bandage Name

Health Restored


Level Req.


Linen Bandage


{'Linen Cloth': 1}



Heavy Linen Bandage


{'Linen Cloth': 2}



Wool Bandage


{'Wool Cloth': 1}



Silk Bandage


{'Silk Cloth': 1}



Heavy Wool Bandage


{'Wool Cloth': 2}



Mageweave Bandage


{'Mageweave Cloth': 1}



Runecloth Bandage


{'Runecloth': 1}



Netherweave Bandage


{'Netherweave Cloth': 1}



Uses and Benefits of Each Bandage Type:

  • Linen Bandage: The most basic bandage, offering a small amount of healing. Useful for low-level characters or emergencies.

  • Heavy Linen Bandage: A significant upgrade from the Linen Bandage, it provides more healing and is suitable for mid-level characters.

  • Wool Bandage: Offers even greater healing than the Heavy Linen Bandage and is a good choice for high-level characters.

  • Silk Bandage: Similar healing power to the Wool Bandage but requires Silk Cloth, which can be more challenging to acquire.

  • Heavy Wool Bandage: Offers the most healing of all bandages crafted with Wool Cloth and is ideal for challenging encounters.

  • Mageweave Bandage: A powerful bandage crafted with Mageweave Cloth, providing significant healing for end-game content.

  • Runecloth Bandage: Offers even more healing than the Mageweave Bandage and is essential for high-level dungeons and raids.

  • Netherweave Bandage: The most potent bandage available in Season of Discovery, crafted with Netherweave Cloth and used in the most challenging content.

Other First Aid Items:


  • Use Cures all poisons.

  • Materials:
    - Anti-Venom Recipe (learned at level 20)
    - 5 Spider Venom (dropped by various spiders)

  • Level Requirement: 20

Strong Anti-Venom:

  • Use: Cures all poisons and removes the Poisoned debuff.

  • Materials:
    - Strong Anti-Venom Recipe (learned at level 225)
    - 5 Greater Spider Venom (dropped by elite spiders)

  • Level Requirement: 225

These items are invaluable for countering poison effects, which can be deadly in certain situations. Having them readily available can be a lifesaver during challenging encounters.

Wow Classic Season of Discovery First Aid

First Aid for Specific Classes and Roles

Importance of First Aid

First Aid is crucial for all roles in WoW Classic Season of Discovery, but its importance varies depending on the specific role:


High Priority: Tanks take the brunt of enemy attacks and need to be able to self-heal between encounters or during moments where the healer's attention is focused elsewhere.


  • Always carry a variety of bandages, including high-level options like Runecloth and Netherweave.

  • Utilize the "First Aid Stacking" technique to maximize healing potential.

  • Bind bandage usage to easily accessible keys for quick application.


Moderate Priority: Healers are responsible for keeping the group alive, but First Aid can be a valuable tool for self-healing and assisting with tank health during intense situations.


  • Carry a moderate supply of bandages, prioritizing mid-level options like Wool and Silk.

  • Focus healing on the tank and other group members first.

  • Use First Aid as a supplement to your healing spells, not as a replacement.


Low Priority: DPS characters typically take less damage than tanks and healers, making First Aid less crucial than for other roles.


  • Carry a small supply of basic bandages like Linen or Heavy Linen for emergencies.

  • Prioritize your damage output and leave healing to the designated healer.

  • Focus on avoiding damage to minimize the need for First Aid.


High Importance: In PvP situations, First Aid becomes even more crucial for all classes. The ability to self-heal or quickly heal allies can turn the tide of battle.


  • Carry a variety of bandages, prioritizing high-level options for maximum effectiveness.

  • Utilize First Aid strategically to gain an advantage in fights.

  • Coordinate with your group to maximize healing and support.

Specific Recommendations:

  • Tanks: Focus on Heavy Wool, Runecloth, and Netherweave bandages. Consider using Bandage of Dexterity for increased dodge chance.

  • Healers: Carry a mix of Wool, Silk, and Runecloth bandages. Utilize Bandage of the Spirit for increased mana regeneration.

  • DPS: Opt for Linen or Heavy Linen bandages for emergencies. Consider using Bandage of Intellect for increased spell damage.

  • PvP: Always carry high-level bandages like Runecloth and Netherweave. Consider using Bandage of the Guardian for improved survivability.

Now that you've been equipped with the knowledge and tools to master First Aid in WoW Classic Season of Discovery, the time for action is now! Don't let those valuable materials sit in your inventory – put them to good use and craft powerful bandages that will keep you and your allies alive and thriving.


So this was all about Wow Classic Season of Discovery First Aid Guide. First Aid is a powerful tool that can be used to enhance your gameplay in all aspects of WoW Classic Season of Discovery. By understanding its importance for different roles and utilizing it effectively, you can gain a significant advantage over your opponents and become a valuable asset to your group.

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