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WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Guide to Getting Holiday Spices

Time for some Holiday Cooking? It's that time of year again in World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery. Certain items can be prepared without much skill, but holiday spices are necessary. We will tell you where to find them. Hang on!

The World of Warcraft Classic community is ecstatic about what's coming up in Season of Discovery. As the holidays get near, players can't wait to celebrate with games and hunt unusual ingredients for holiday dishes. Holiday Spices are one of these in-demand items; they are essential to many recipes with a holiday theme. The greatest methods for obtaining Holiday Spices in World of Warcraft Classic during the Season of Discovery will be covered in this extensive guide.

Understanding Holiday Spices

Before delving into the strategies for obtaining Holiday Spices, it is vital to comprehend their importance. Holiday Spices are a special, limited-edition, seasonal ingredient that is essential to creating special dishes during in-game holidays. Frequently, these recipes produce celebratory foods that enhance different qualities or offer distinctive cosmetic results. These spices are essential for making foods with a holiday theme, giving players an opportunity to enjoy the spirit of celebration and friendship.

Where to get Holiday Spice in WoW Classic?

Holiday Spice in World of Warcraft Classic is a seasonal quest that is directly related to holidays and exclusive in-game events. During the celebrations, you can obtain Holiday Spice from the following important sources and ways:

1. Seasonal Quests:

Take part in unique seasonal quests that are unveiled around festive occasions. Holiday Spice and other festive goods are frequently awarded to players who complete these missions. Ahead of time, notice notifications about holidays and related tasks on the in-game calendar.

2. Holiday Dungeons:

There are instances or special dungeons in WoW Classic that are only accessible during certain holidays. There may be monsters in these dungeons that, when defeated drop Holiday Spice. Join forces with other players to explore these dungeons and harvest Holiday Spice along with exclusive holiday-themed items.

3. Seasonal Vendors:

Special merchants selling holiday-themed merchandise, such as Holiday Spice, are present at some holiday gatherings. During the celebration, visit these merchants to buy spices with in-game cash or unique tokens meant for the occasion.

4. Cooking Profession:

While creating foods with a festive theme, characters that work as chefs can earn festive Spice. These are the kinds of recipes that cooking instructors frequently offer around the related holidays. Acquire the required components, such as Holiday Spice, and prepare festive recipes to experience in-game bonuses and effects.

5. Auction House:

Players may sell these spices at the Auction House when demand for Holiday Spice rises during holiday events. Regularly check the Auction House for listings that are currently available, and if the prices are fair, think about buying Holiday Spice.

Keep in mind that seasonal Spice is only available in conjunction with particular seasonal events, so schedule your activities using the in-game calendar. Participating in the celebrations and investigating these resources will enable you to gather Holiday Spice for your cooking and celebration activities in the World of Warcraft Classic.

WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Getting Holiday Spices

Farming Holiday Spices in Azeroth

Holiday-themed Creatures

Holiday-themed creatures come in World of Warcraft Classic during events and special occasions, giving players exclusive chances to partake in joyful activities and collect rare treasures, such as Holiday Spices. A closer look into creatures with seasonal themes and how they add to the festive mood is provided here:

Winter Veil Event

Holiday-themed monsters like "Gaily Wrapped Presents" may appear in different places during the Winter Veil event. You can open these critters to get Holiday Spices and other special holiday presents.

Hallow's End

The "Haunted Servitor" and "Ghoul," two creatures who wander particular places, are introduced during the Hallow's End event. Holiday Spices and other holiday-themed goodies may be obtained by defeating these monsters.

Harvest Festival

Even while the Harvest Festival is mostly about honoring fallen heroes, taking part in it may require engaging with unique festival NPCs and monsters. During this season, look out for unusual critters that might drop Holiday Spices.

Love is in the Air Event

At the Love is in the Air event, creatures with holiday themes are introduced, such as the "Lovebird Hatchling." Although not focused on fighting, interacting with these animals may yield special event goodies, potentially including Holiday Spices.

Special Holiday Dungeons

Special holiday dungeons are a thrilling new feature in World of Warcraft Classic that are unlocked during specific in-game events. Players can find uncommon challenges in these dungeons, as well as chances to acquire exclusive holiday-themed loot and items like Holiday Spices.

Winter Veil

Winter Veil typically brings special holiday dungeons like "Grim Guzzler" in Blackrock Depths. These dungeons feature holiday-themed bosses and mobs that drop unique items, including Holiday Spices. Coordinate with a group to explore these dungeons during the Winter Veil event.

Hallow's End

The Scarlet Monastery Graveyard becomes a special holiday dungeon during Hallow's End. Undead-themed bosses and creatures drop holiday loot, and players may find Holiday Spices among the rewards. Assemble a group to venture into this festive dungeon.

Love is in the Air

Although Love is in the Air doesn't have a dedicated dungeon, special bosses in various dungeons, like Crown Chemical Co. in Shadowfang Keep, may drop Love Tokens and other event-related items, potentially including Holiday Spices.

Quests and Activities

Seasonal Quests

Look through the quest log for exclusive seasonal tasks that, when finished, award Holiday Spices. Usually, during the Season of Discovery, these tasks are only accessible for a short while. Reaching the end of them adds to Azeroth's general celebratory spirit in addition to giving you a stockpile of spices.

Accessing Seasonal Quests

Special assignments known as "seasonal quests" are made available at particular in-game occasions, most notably the Season of Discovery. These quests frequently have a connection to events and festivals like Hallow's End and Winter Veil. Players can talk to holiday-themed NPCs in big cities or frequently check their mission log or in-game calendar to locate them.

Exclusive and Limited-Time

Seasonal quests are available just during the events that correlate with them and are not available elsewhere. They allow players a singular chance to get into the spirit of the holidays and add to Azeroth's general festive vibe. Keep an eye out for announcements or quest hints regarding the current event.

Holiday-Themed Objectives

Seasonal quests usually have objectives with holiday themes that fit the overall vibe of the occasion. These quests bring a whimsical and joyful element to the game, whether it be through the collection of unique treasures, the defeat of enemies with seasonal themes, or participation in festive festivities.

Holiday Rewards

Players are frequently rewarded with a variety of things for completing seasonal missions, and Holiday Spices are frequently found in the loot table during the Season of Discovery. These spices are the main crafting ingredient for Christmas meals, which helps players have a more festive holiday experience. Gold also plays an important role in your progress, so make sure you have enough stock of the same. 

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Contribution to the Festive Atmosphere

Playing seasonal quests helps players individually and adds to the general joyous atmosphere in the World of Warcraft Classic community. Several of these quests contribute to the festive atmosphere by having you cheer others up, help holiday NPCs, or foil malevolent monsters.

Checking the In-Game Calendar

One useful tool for remembering special occasions and holidays is the in-game calendar. It gives details on how long the Season of Discovery will last and indicates when specific missions and activities are accessible. To schedule your gameplay around the holiday missions and activities, check the calendar frequently.

Multiple Quests and Objectives

There could be several seasonal quests available, each with a different set of goals, depending on the holiday. There may be tasks that call for player cooperation, which would bring a cooperative aspect to the holiday celebrations.

Quest Completion and Spice Stockpile

In addition to adding to the general holiday festivity, finishing seasonal tasks successfully earns you a stash of Holiday Spices. The in-game experience can be improved by exchanging these spices for other holiday-themed products or using them in cooking recipes.

WoW Classic: Season of Discovery Getting Holiday Spices Guide

Cooking and Gathering Professions

 While preparing unique holiday delicacies, characters in the cooking profession can earn Holiday Spices. To produce festive dishes, check with the cooking experts for seasonal recipes and obtain the necessary components, such as Holiday Spices. Holiday Spices can also be found by characters with gathering occupations like herbalism when gathering herbs in particular holiday-themed zones.

Cooking Profession

Unique Holiday Delicacies

Characters who have chosen the Cooking profession gain a special advantage during the Season of Discovery. Cooking allows players to create unique and festive holiday delicacies that often come with special effects, buffs, or cosmetic enhancements.

Seasonal Recipes

To produce these festive dishes, players need access to seasonal recipes specific to the ongoing holiday event. Cooking trainers in major cities typically provide these recipes for a limited time during the Season of Discovery. Visit these trainers regularly to learn and unlock new recipes.

Obtaining Holiday Spices

Holiday Spices are a key ingredient in many holiday recipes. Characters in the Cooking profession can obtain these spices as part of the required components for crafting festive dishes. The availability of Holiday Spices is closely tied to the holiday event, making it an essential element for creating holiday-themed meals.

Crafting Festive Dishes

Once characters have acquired the seasonal recipes and gathered the necessary ingredients, including Holiday Spices, they can proceed to craft festive dishes. These dishes not only contribute to the culinary aspect of the game but often provide in-game benefits such as temporary buffs or unique effects.

Gathering Professions

Herbalism and Holiday Spices

Characters with gathering professions, such as Herbalism, can also contribute to the acquisition of Holiday Spices. Herbalists have the opportunity to find these spices while collecting herbs in specific holiday-themed zones. Keep an eye out for special herbs associated with the ongoing holiday event.

Exploring Holiday-Themed Zones

Some holiday events introduce specific zones that are thematically tied to the festivities. Herbalists can explore these holiday-themed zones to gather herbs and, with a bit of luck, collect Holiday Spices alongside the usual herbs. This adds an extra layer of immersion and engagement during the holiday season.


The World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery instills a spirit of pleasure and celebration throughout the gaming community. The hunt for Holiday Spices takes center stage as gamers immerse themselves in holiday-themed events and activities. Take part in seasonal dungeons, complete special quests, and explore all of the paths described in this guide to guarantee plenty of Holiday Spices for your cooking endeavors. This festive season, embrace the spirit of the holidays, get your buddies together, and set out on an unforgettable adventure across Azeroth. We hope you have a happy holiday season and many exciting and spicy World of Warcraft Classic adventures!

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