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Albion Online Blue Zone Guide

Zones play an important role in Albion Online and are a very crucial part of the game which is designed to challenge you and your skills. Each zone is different in terms of loot, resources, items, death, knockout, penalty, and difficulty level. The blue zone is the safest zone and is considered comparatively easy than the rest of the zones.

The level of difficulty, mechanics, and playing style make the gameplay and overall experience of exploring a zone different for each zone. The blue zone is the safest zone considered in Albion Online which allows you to gather and craft resources easily.

The blue zone is specifically designed for exploring low-risk areas for the players where you can perform a variety of activities like gathering, trading, and crafting. Blue zones can also be an introduction to all the other zones where players can learn basic things about the zones like game mechanics, game features, skills, and the abilities required to perform a particular task without much risk being involved.

The enjoyable thing about the blue zones is that they offer you a variety of mechanics and features with low risk that can be beneficial for you in gaining experiences and understanding the game better. There are a total of four zones in Albion Online and they are Blue, Yellow, Red, and Black zones, and each zone is different from the other one not just in terms of mechanics and difficulty but also with many other game’s features. The below guide is there to help you get started with the blue zones and understand how you can take full advantage of these zones to level up your gameplay and stats.

Get Acquainted With the Blue Zone

Before you step into any zone it is very important to understand that zone to get maximum advantage of mechanics, gameplay, playstyle, missions, challenges, and difficulties. As each zone is different, it requires you to play all of them differently without any repetition.

Blue zones are restricted zones with no PvP activities, so you can only get involved in PvE activities. It is the safest zone to start your journey with zones because it will give you all the basic and required understandings about all the zones that you need.

Like Black and red zones, there is no concept of death and you won’t lose all your items and resources after losing a battle. The blue zone provides you with the safest low-risk zone to practice and perform activities and battle with other players. There are no PvP battles but you can participate in PvE battles.

The blue zone gives you a 2.15 fame multiplier which is approx. +115% and loot multiplier of 1.25 which is around +25% that gives you additional benefits in terms of loot and fame. You can practice in the blue zone and get an understanding of each zone and level up your skills, stats, and abilities to perform better in red and black zones which are high-risk areas filled with many difficulties and challenges and a risk of losing all your items and resources if you get killed by the other players.

Blue zones are considered ideal zones for crafting activities because there is no chance of being attacked by other players while you’re indulging in crafting activities and using your crafting skills to craft items, equipment, and weapons including other game-related items.

You can also consider it as a zone for practicing and getting better at your skills and abilities. You can spawn resources up to Tier 4 in the blue zone but if you want more rewards and high-tier items then you can step into red and black zones by taking the blue zone as the foundation.

Albion Online Blue Zone

Gathering in the Blue Zone

Out of many activities, gathering is considered to be the most suitable for the players in the blue one because the chances of attacks by other players and other risks are slightly low. The gathering is a process of collecting resources from the surroundings using your gathering skills. However, it is very important to keep in mind that the density of resources is dependent on the type of zone you’re standing in. The density of resources is very low in the blue zone but still, they can help you with gathering useful resources especially if you’re new to gathering. Gathering in blue zones is a good idea to understand what gathering is.

Use of the Marketplace

You can use the marketplace in blue zones safely with low risk. Trading is another activity that you can perform by accessing the blue zones. You can buy and sell goods with other players at the marketplace which you can find in cities or your own Islands. You can easily build your wealth by trading useful items and resources in the blue zone and can use them for improving and getting better gear and equipment to help you with enhancing your strength. You will be required Silver, the in-game currency of Albion Online in the marketplace. So if you are falling short of the same, the best way to get them is for real money.

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Engage in Crafting

Another activity that you can take participation in is engaging yourself in crafting valuable items and equipment in blue zones. You can craft items from the resources that you have gathered or purchased from other players. You can give your full focus to crafting using your crafting skills without any fear.

Loot Multiplier

Every zone has some loot multiplier which simply multiplies the amount of loot you get in each zone by some percentage and increases the number of items and resources that you get in that particular zone. In the blue zone, you get a loot multiplier of +25% which is quite less as compared to the red and black zone. The higher you go and the further you proceed through each gate, the higher the amount of loot you’ll be rewarded with.

Fame Multiplier

The term “Fame” can be treated as an experience that you get after interacting with the features of Albion Online and getting involved in various activities Gathering, Crafting, and PvE give you fame and when you do all the activities in the blue zone you get some fame multiplier. In blue zones, the fame multiplier is around +125% which is also quite less than in the red and black zones. Like the loot multiplier, the higher you go and the further you proceed through the hard and difficult zones having high risks, the higher you get rewarded with fame.

Demand & Supply

Follow the demand and supply method to manage your inventory well. As blue zones are safe and you can freely gather and craft any item that you want, it is very important to understand what you need the most at the moment and then craft and collect resources accordingly. Don’t collect resources that are already in the maximum amount.

Faction Flagged

As the blue zone is a safe zone where there is no PvP combat but an exception comes here where you can be attacked or attack other players in this zone. If you’re faction-flagged then you can be attacked by other players as well as you can also attack other players.

The player who’ll lose the fight will be knocked out and all his items and resources won’t be looted by the other player which provides a more safe arena for new players. You can get yourself faction-flagged if you know you’re ready with your strength and skills and can fight anyone. Here, an important thing to note down is that if you get knocked out you’ll get a 5% durability loss on all your equipped items.

Albion Online Guide


Expeditions are instanced PvE areas in blue zones where you get to perform instanced PvE activities either solo or in a group depending on your choices and preferences. You have to complete instanced PvE missions in Expeditions after which you’ll get rewarded with silver, fame, and loot which will be based on your performance.

They are fair and short. As you will step into expeditions, you’ll be assigned a role based on your equipment. You can be defensive, offensive, or supportive. According to your role, you’ll be assigned a mission that you have to complete in a limited time. Other players can also see your role.


The blue zone is a great choice for the players who have just stepped into the zones and have started understanding them. Blue zones provide you with a safe place from all the attacks and loot where you can perform various PvE activities like gathering, crafting, and trading resources for your use and need.

Star with the blue zone because it is quite easy to play and understand before you step into any dangerous and high-risk areas. You can use blue zones for improving your skills and abilities that further can be used. You can get resources up to Tier 4 in the blue zones. The above guide is a full tutorial on how to get started with the blue zone even if you’re playing it for a very long period of time because it tells you about what you need to do specifically in this zone to get better at it. With all the tips, tricks, and guidance given above, you can start playing in the blue zones. All the best!

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