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EA Sports FC 24 Guide to Best Players for Evolution

Evolution is a new feature in EA Sports FC24 that allows you to upgrade players from your club by completing objectives or using UT Coins and FC Points. To evolve a player, you must first select them and then choose an Evolution path. Each Evolution path has different requirements, but they all involve completing objectives in gameplay. 

Well, you can take many paths in your search for evolution since each of them is quite different from one another. All of them have their very own requirements and even rewards. You can either focus on improving any specific attribute or stat of a player or you may choose to improve their overall ones. For example, there is an Evolution path for strikers that focuses on improving their shooting and dribbling stats. There is also an Evolution path for defenders that focuses on improving their tackling and defending stats.

So we are here now with a plan to move towards the evolution of our players. The next thing to look now is where your team is headed i.e what is level or upgrades the team wants which will help you decide where to invest. Once that is decided, we are free to choose or move towards the path we really want to go.

How to Choose the Best Players for Evolution?

  • Position: Choose players in positions that are important to your play style. For example, if you like to attack down the wings, you might want to evolve a winger or a full-back.

  • Stats: Consider the stats that are most important to you for each position. Here you can look at any specific player position like striker or defender and focus on their stats like shooting or dribbling etc.

  • Overall rating: Choose players with a high overall rating, as this will give you a good starting point for their evolution.

Best Players for Evolution in EA Sports FC24

Here are some of the best players to evolve in EA Sports FC24, based on their position, stats, and overall rating:

  • Founders Evolution: This Evolution gives a +1 Weak Foot increase and a shooting boost to your strikers and center fielders. Some of the best players for this Evolution are Liverpool’s Darwin Nunez, RB Leipzig’s Timo Werner, and Manchester City’s Ferran Torres.

  • Welcome to Evolutions: This Evolution gives a +1 Skill Moves increase and a dribbling boost to your wingers and midfielders. Some of the best players for this Evolution are Hoffenheim’s IF Skov, Everton’s Richarlison, and Barcelona’s Ansu Fati.

  • Trailblazer Slide Tackler: This Evolution gives a +1 Pace increase and a defending boost to your full-backs and wing-backs. Some of the best players for this Evolution are Levante’s Tomas, Real Sociedad’s Tierney, and Manchester United’s Reguilon.

  • Trailblazer Interceptor: This Evolution gives a +1 Passing increase and a physical boost to your central midfielders and defensive midfielders. Some of the best players for this Evolution are Nottingham Forest’s Dominguez, Chelsea’s Gallagher, and Lazio’s Rovella.

  • Pacey Winger: This Evolution gives a +1 Shooting increase and a pace boost to your right-wingers. Some of the best players for this Evolution are Napoli’s Politano, Wolves’ Neto, and Real Sociedad’s Kubo.

  • Bruiser Wingback: This Evolution gives a +1 Dribbling increase and a physical boost to your left wing-backs. Some of the best players for this Evolution are Granada’s Manafá, Juventus’ Weah, and Newcastle’s Livramento.

EA Sports FC 24 Players for Evolution

How to Upgrade Your Players to 99 OVR?

  • Focus on one player at a time: It is better to focus on upgrading one player at a time than to spread yourself too thin. 

  • Complete all of the challenges for your player: The challenges for each player are the best way to upgrade them quickly so try to complete all of them as soon as possible and then move to the next one.

  • Use tokens wisely: Tokens are a valuable resource in Evolution. Be sure to use them wisely to purchase upgrades for your players and to buy new players from the Evolution store.

  • Train your players regularly: Training your players is a good way to improve their stats and upgrade them more quickly. 

  • Use chemistry boosts: Chemistry boosts can be used to temporarily improve your players' stats. This can be helpful for completing difficult challenges or for winning matches in Squad Battles or Division Rivals.

Tips for Evolving Players in EA Sports FC24

Here are a few tips for evolving players in EA Sports FC24:

  • Take advantage of Squad Battles: Squad Battles is a great way to complete the objectives, as you can play against AI opponents at your own pace.

  • Use your rewards wisely: Most players must blindly upgrade stats as soon as they receive the rewards which is a bad strategy. You should give a thought on what stats are important and upgrade them first.

  • Choose the right player for the right Evolution: Make sure to select a player who meets the requirements for the Evolution and who will benefit from the upgrades.

  • Choose the right Evolution path for your player: Consider your team's needs and the player's strengths and weaknesses when choosing an Evolution path.

  • Set realistic goals: Don't try to evolve all of your players at once. Focus on evolving a few key players first.

  • Be patient: It takes time to evolve players. Don't expect to evolve a player overnight.

  • Play Squad Battles: Squad Battles is a great way to complete Evolution challenges quickly and easily. Set the difficulty to at least Semi-Pro and make sure to play your Evolution players in every match.

  • Play Rivals: Rivals is another good way to complete Evolution challenges. One thing to keep in mind here is that Rivals is a bit difficult and tougher than Squad battles which can have an effect on how quickly you are able to complete them.

  • Play Ultimate Team Friendlies: Ultimate Team Friendlies is a great way to complete Evolution challenges without having to worry about losing. 

  • Use your Evo players in different positions: Some Evo players can play in multiple positions. If you're struggling to complete an Evolution challenge for a particular position, try using your Evo player in a different position.

  • Use consumables: Consumables such as contracts and fitness cards can help you keep your Evo players fit and available for matches.

  • Complete other objectives: If you're struggling to complete an Evolution challenge, try completing other objectives in the meantime. Doing this will get you more items and rewards so you can use it to further improve your team and make the objectives easier to complete.

  • Evolution Planner is the key: There is this tool called Evolution Planner which is quite useful when used for planning your upgrades. Since upgrading players takes a lot of time, effort and resources, this will help you upgrade them in an efficient manner.

  • Follow the news: EA Sports regularly releases news about Evolution, including new players and challenges so to follow as much as possible. 

  • Join a community: There are many online communities for Evolution players. Joining a community is a great way to get tips from other players and to ask for help.

  • Use FC 24 Coins: Use FC 24 Coins for player evolution. If you are falling short of the coins, get them for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Evolving players is a great way to improve your Ultimate Team squad in EA Sports FC24. By following the tips above, you can choose the best players to evolve and complete the objectives quickly and efficiently.

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