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Guide to Alchemist in Diablo 4

Diablo IV is the latest installment in the popular action role-playing game series by Blizzard Entertainment. In this game, players can explore Sanctuary's dark and gritty world, where they can fight against hordes of demons, the undead, and other creatures of the Burning Hells. Along the way, players can interact with various NPCs offering them quests, services, and items.

One of the most useful NPCs in Diablo IV is the Alchemist, who can help players enhance their health potions, craft powerful elixirs and incense, and refine surplus resources.

How to Find Alchemist?

Now the Alchemist is not something new or unique in the game as everyone has access to it because of its availability across many locations throughout the Sanctuary. The first Alchemist you will encounter is Veroka, who runs the shop in the city of Kyovashad in the Fractured Peaks region. You will receive a Priority Quest to visit her after you reach level 10, which will also allow you to upgrade your health potions for the first time. To find Veroka’s shop, you need to enter Kyovashad from the south gate and then head north along the main street. If you look out for a sign with a potion bottle which should be around your left area, then you might find an entrance to the NPC’s shop.

If you are not able to find it then worry not as you can always use the map anyway to locate it. Other regions may also have their own Alchemists but will offer the same services as Veroka and be sure to look out for them on maps if you ever need to go there.

How to upgrade your health potions?

Health potions are essential items that can restore your health instantly when you use them in combat. You can carry up to 10 health potions at a time, and they will recharge automatically over time. However, not all health potions are created equal. Now of course there will be a lot many types of potions with varying levels of potency ranging from superior to weak ones as well. Just look out for a higher level as it translates to higher restoration.

By default, you start with Weak Healing Potions in Diablo IV. However, you can upgrade your potions to higher levels by visiting the Alchemist and paying a certain amount of gold and ingredients. If you are falling short of the gold, the best way to get it is for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Here is a short explanation of potions and their costs in Diablo IV, their effects and costs:

Each potion restores a percentage of health, has a minimum level to use, and an upgrade cost in gold and sage leaves. The potions range from weak (20% health, no cost) to superior (60% health, 800 gold, and 40 sage leaves). The other potions heal 25% to 55% of health and cost 10 gold and 5 sage leaves more per level.

To upgrade your health potions, you need to visit the Alchemist and select the Upgrade Potions option. You will see a list of available upgrades based on your level and ingredients. You can select one and confirm your purchase by pressing the Upgrade button. Your health potions will be instantly upgraded to a new level and their healing amount will increase accordingly.

Note that upgrading your health potions only affects their potency, not their quantity. The number of potion charges you have is determined by your Renown level in each region of Sanctuary. Increasing your Renown by completing quests and events will unlock more potion charges as rewards. The maximum number of potion charges you can have is presumed to be 10, but this may change in the final release of Diablo IV.

Diablo IV Alchemist

How to craft elixirs and incense?

Special items like elixirs and incense can provide you with different benefits and effects for a short while. Elixirs are consumable items that you can either attach to a fast slot for quick access or consume directly from your inventory. Incenses are passive goods that you can put on your character sheet in a specific slot.

Now craft is seen as a hassle by many players but it is not so tough. You have to just visit the Alchemist which we have mentioned how to find in the previous section and select the Craft Elixirs option. There you will find a list with a lot of recipes with all details. To make them however there is a cost which can be gold or ingredients which you must have.
Now if you have everything you need to make one then choose any recipe you want that you might need and click on the craft button to create it. The item will be given to you after this. At any given moment, you can only have one elixir and one incense active. If you use a new one while you already have an item applied, it will be overwritten and the old one will be lost.

Although elixirs and incense can give major benefits in battle or exploration, they are neither cheap nor simple to get. One thing to remember is that it requires a lot of gold and other ingredients to make them so they are not cheap and easy to get. So treat them wisely and only when absolutely needed.

How to refine resources?

Resources are items that may be utilized to manufacture or upgrade your equipment. Metals, jewels, essences, and runes are some of the resources available in Diablo IV. Resources can be obtained through looting opponents, chests, or events, as well as salvaging undesired items.

However, not all resources are equally valued or beneficial. There are some resources that can be found more easily than the other ones or there may be resources that can only be used on a particular type of gear or class. For example, if you are playing the game for a long time, you might remember seeing that iron is a very common item that can create a lot of weapons and armor albeit only low-level ones and cannot be used for magic or high-level ones.

To effectively manage your resources that are more than your need, the Alchemist is the one that you would have to visit. Here you can select the refine resources option to view the conversion you can do with everything from the input and output clearly shown.

We have explained below the resource conversions that you can perform in Diablo IV:

To convert a material, you need 100 units of the lower grade material to get 50 units of the higher grade material, except for Orichalcum, which gives a random legendary material. To convert a gem, essence or rune, you need 5 units of any type (except Diamond for gems) to get 3 units of a random type (except Diamond for gems).

To perform a resource conversion, you need to select the conversion and confirm your choice by pressing the Refine button. Your input resource will be consumed and your output resource will be added to your inventory.

You may lose some value or quantity in the process, or end up with a resource that you don’t need. Therefore, you should only refine your resources when you have a clear goal or purpose in mind.

Diablo IV Alchemist Guide


The Alchemist is a useful NPC in Diablo IV that may assist you increase your game's survivability and performance. You may improve your health potions, make elixirs and incense, and refine resources by visiting the Alchemist. These services, however, are neither free nor easily accessible. To utilize them, you'll need a lot of gold and materials, and some of them may have trade-offs or limits. As a result, you should employ the Alchemist wisely and tactically to maximize the rewards they may provide.

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