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Last Epoch Guide to Best Farming Builds

In Last Epoch, conquering enemies and collecting loot is a thrilling part of the adventure. But as you progress, efficiency becomes key. Farming specific items or materials can take time. To get the most out of your efforts, this guide will delve into some of the best builds specifically designed for speeding up your farming runs. We'll explore various class and mastery combinations, highlighting their strengths for clearing hordes of enemies quickly and maximizing your rewards. So, gear up and get ready to optimize your farming experience in Last Epoch!

5 Best Speed Farming Builds in Last Epoch

Frost Maul Werebear Druid

The Frost Maul Bear Druid is a tough warrior build in Last Epoch. It gets stronger and deals more damage the more health it can recover. This build uses special armor and weapons (Shard of the Shattered Lance and Fragments of the Shattered Lance) to turn that healing power into even more damage for crushing enemies!


  • Big AoE Damage


  • Very tanky with high health regeneration and armor


  • Clears maps fast, especially with Rampage for mobility


  • Relatively cheap Gear


  • Weak Single-target damage


  • Melee combat can be risky


  • Requires building stacks for maximum damage and tankiness


  • No ward mechanics

Gameplay Tip

Focus on getting lots of health regen and strength to become a tanky fighter. Use the Upheaval skill, but pick the option that turns its damage into cold damage. For attacking, this build relies on Maul for big hits, Warcry to buff yourself, and Swipe to hit multiple enemies at once. This combo works great against both single powerful bosses and groups of weaker enemies.

Thor-Lightning Melee Shaman

Zap enemies up close with this Shaman build! Instead of relying on spells and totems, you'll unleash lightning blasts (Tempest Strike) with your fists. This build focuses on building storm stacks and then using them all at once with Tempest Strike for a shocking amount of damage!


  • Super fun playstyle


  • Good Gear variety


  • Minimal casting required


  • Lower damage compared to some other builds


  • Shaman can be one of the weaker classes


  • Melee combat can be challenging


  • Requires good Mana management

Gameplay Tip

Keep zapping enemies with Tempest Strike in this Shaman build! To make your lightning blasts even stronger, use the Storm Totem to build up storm charges. Plus, these special skills (Rending Vortex and In the Eye of the Storm) will supercharge your attacks!

Last Epoch Thor-Lightning Melee Shaman

Face Tank Necrotic Shade Combustion Warlock

This Warlock build in Last Epoch is all about slowly burning down enemies! You'll weaken them with curses and special effects (ailments) that deal damage over time. To stay alive, you'll build up a shield (ward) and use fiery cracks in the ground (Chthonic Fissure) to deal even more damage over time.


  • Extremely Tanky


  • Ailment, curse and DoT stacking monster


  • Uses self-ignite for bonus spell power


  • Requires Mana management especially in early games


  • Slow start until level 15-20


  • Build dynamics change at level 47 after getting Maehlin’s Hubris

Gameplay Tip

Curse enemies like crazy with Spirit Plague in this Warlock build! Then, send out your fiery shadow (Infernal Shade) to set them ablaze. Once they're weakened, unleash a burst of fire (Combustion) to finish them off. To stay tough, use Bone Curse to gain a protective shield and keep yourself in the fight!

Erasing Strike + Rive Void Knight

This Void Knight build is all about hitting hard and fast! Instead of big weapons, it uses two smaller ones for super quick attacks that deal massive damage (burst damage) with Erasing Strike and Rive. Plus, some special skills (Anomaly and Volatile Reversal) help you deal even more damage and keep your mana up for all that attacking!


  • High Burst Damage


  • Effective against boss fights


  • Very tanky with HP leech and Font of Salvation


  • Lower clean speed in monoliths


  • Requires being close to enemies for dealing high damage


  • Uses all buttons in a specific rotations for maximum damage


  • Requires avoiding critical hits for min/maxing

Gameplay Tips

This Void Knight goes for quick, brutal attacks! Dual-wielding weapons lets you shred enemy armor with Rive and Doom. Anomaly gives you a damage boost, and Volatile Reversal lets you both hit harder and get your mana back. But your main weapon is Erasing Strike, a super powerful attack for taking down enemies fast!

Age of Undeath Abomination Necromancer

This Necromancer build lets you summon a powerful, unkillable monster called the Abomination to fight for you! It's great for beginners because you don't need any special equipment, and you can focus on staying safe while the Abomination does most of the work. This build uses the Necromancer's strongest skill to make the Abomination permanent.


  • Safe playstyle, hardcore viable


  • No item requirement, SSF viable


  • Insane damage dealing potential with Assemble Abomination


  • Uses Necromancer’s capstone skill effectively


  • Initial Setup is Slow


  • Not compatible with Wraithlord’s Harbour


  • Abomination AI can be unpredictable


  • Requires commanding the Abomination

Gameplay Tips

This Necromancer build focuses on a super powerful minion called the Abomination. To keep it fighting strong, you'll use some skills: Transplant to move around quickly, Dread Shade for a damage boost, and Bone Curse to make the Abomination tougher. There's also a special technique (setup rotation) to make sure you have the right minions and buffs to optimize your whole team!

Last Epoch Age of Undeath Abomination Necromancer

Gold Farming in Last Epoch

Last Epoch offers a treasure trove of ways to boost your gold reserves! Whether you prefer hunting down powerful bosses or venturing through unique timelines, there's a strategy for every play style. Get ready to explore diverse locations and master efficient gold farming techniques! Another best way to get gold is for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel. 

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Monolith Farming

Monoliths in Last Epoch are like treasure vaults waiting to be plundered! These sprawling dungeons offer a chance to snag rare and valuable loot, making them a favorite farming spot for many players. The key to maximizing your rewards lies in targeting specific areas within the monolith. Certain bosses have unique drops, including powerful items and special base types you won't find anywhere else. By staying up-to-date on what the hottest loot is (desirable drops), you can tailor your exploration to target the areas with the bosses that have them. This strategic approach ensures your monolith runs are efficient and you walk away with the coolest gear the game has to offer!

Highest Corruption Farming

Here's a basic trick to become a master at gold-farming, keep cranking up the difficulty as the tougher enemies you fight (higher corruption levels), the better loot (and more gold) you'll get. But don't go too crazy! You don't want to get burned out if things get too hard. Instead, find a good balance between challenge and comfort. If you start struggling, take a step back, upgrade your gear, try out new skills, or maybe even look up some tips from other players. By getting smarter and stronger, you'll be raking in the gold at those higher corruption levels in no time!

The Vault Dungeon Mechanics

Vault diving in Last Epoch offers a thrilling twist on your loot adventures! Forget just bashing enemies - the vault throws puzzles and challenges your way that require brains as well as brawn. Unraveling these unique mechanics is the key to unlocking a vault overflowing with rare loot and riches beyond your wildest dreams. Mastering the vault isn't just about staying alive, it's about strategically maximizing your chances of finding that legendary weapon or a chest brimming with gold. By cracking the vault's puzzles and becoming a master of its secrets, you'll transform from a curious explorer into a seasoned treasure hunter, ready to walk away with a haul that'll supercharge your wealth and item collection!

The Temporal Sanctum Farming

The experienced players looking for higher challenges can have a look at the Temporal Sanctum as it in Last Epoch is a gold mine for experienced players! This place is tough, but if you can take down bosses like Julia on higher difficulty levels, you'll have a shot at snagging super rare items like the Vessel of Strife. Just be warned, that one only drops 7% of the time! By getting good at fighting bosses and gearing up for a tough battle, you can turn the Temporal Sanctum into your personal gold mine!


Last Epoch is all about having fun and getting awesome loot! This guide has everything you need to do both. We showed you super strong builds that make farming enemies a breeze. You learned how to find the best stuff in Monoliths, cracked the puzzles in Vaults, and even explored the crazy challenges of the Temporal Sanctum. The key is to pick a way that works for you. Want to fight powerful bosses for rare loot! Go for it! Prefer to clear areas quickly. No problem! Last Epoch has something for everyone. So grab your favorite build, get ready for some fun, and become a Last Epoch farming legend!

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