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Obtaining Early Vigor in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen: Best early Vigor farm - get over 60,000 Vigor per hour  easily - Dot Esports

Mournstead proves to be a perilous environment, especially for lower-level characters. In Lords of the Fallen, progression is reliant on accumulating Vigor, a dual-purpose resource serving as both experience points and currency. While every defeated enemy contributes to Vigor, not all farming strategies are equally effective. 

Similar to other Soulslike games, some approaches to Vigor farming are riskier, slower, or simply less engaging. While each player may have their favored method, certain strategies emerge as more superior. Let's delve into a comprehensive breakdown of these tactics!

Farming in Umbra

Lords of the Fallen Umbral traversal guide: Best way to farm vigor, upgrade  materials, and more

Lords of the Fallen distinguishes itself from other Soulslike games by presenting two distinct realms: Axiom, the land of the living, and Umbra, the land of the dead. Understanding the unique properties of Umbra is crucial for efficient Vigor farming.

Increasing Vigor Gains 

Umbra offers a distinct advantage for Vigor farming through a multiplier system. The longer you remain in Umbra, the more your Vigor gains will be amplified. Explore how this multiplier can be maximized to enhance your farming efficiency.

Ideal Conditions for Vigor Collection 

One of the key features of Umbra is the continuous onslaught of enemies. Discover how the relentless waves contribute to creating an optimal environment for Vigor farming, providing ample opportunities to accumulate this valuable resource.

Balancing Risk and Reward 

While Umbra offers substantial rewards, there is a catch. The longer you stay, the higher your Dread level rises, attracting stronger enemies. Delve into the mechanics of Dread and understand how it poses a threat to your Vigor farming endeavors.

Safe Exit Strategies

To mitigate the risks associated with farming in Umbra, always ensure proximity to a Vestige or an Emergence Effigy. Learn how these elements serve as safe exit points, allowing you to return to Axiom and safeguard your collected Vigor when the threat becomes overwhelming.

Farming Ardent Penitents

Mastering the Art of Vigor Farming: Turbocharge Your Leveling in Lords of  the Fallen

Discover a lucrative alternative with the Bellroom strategy, suitable for any starting class. Pilgrim’s Perch, an early-game location, harbors the Vestige of Blind Agatha within the Bellroom. Explore the nearby tunnel to encounter the formidable Ardent Penitent, a spiky-helmed berserker, initiating a high-yield Vigor farming method.

Efficient Execution in Pilgrim's Perch 

Navigate Pilgrim's Perch and locate the Vestige of Blind Agatha in the Bellroom. Engage with the Ardent Penitent in the adjacent tunnel, a challenging adversary dropping 500 Vigor upon defeat. Optimize your weapon and strategy to dispatch the Penitent swiftly, completing each cycle in approximately 30 seconds.

Vigor Yield and Hourly Earnings 

Unlock the potential for substantial Vigor gains as the Ardent Penitent consistently drops 500 Vigor per encounter. With adept combat tactics, you can eliminate the Penitent in about 15 seconds, enabling an impressive hourly Vigor accumulation of around 60,000.

Overcoming Challenges 

Acknowledge the challenges posed by the formidable Ardent Penitent and adopt effective combat strategies. A high DPS build empowers you to swiftly Soulflay the opponent with just a few hits. Master the art of baiting the Penitent towards the elevator shaft and utilizing Soulflay to dispatch it into the hole for a tactical advantage.

Additional Rewards

Beyond Vigor, reap additional rewards from the Ardent Penitent, including Lucky Paws that enhance your Item Discovery rate. Collect various armor pieces dropped by the Penitent, creating an opportunity to boost your Vigor earnings further by selling them at the conclusion of your farming session.

Considerations and Downsides 

While the Bellroom strategy stands out as one of the best early-game Vigor farming options, it comes with challenges. Address the difficulty of facing the Ardent Penitent and explore different tactics to ensure a successful and rewarding farming experience.

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Alternative Vigor Farming Methods in Lords of the Fallen

Abandoned Redcopse Walkthrough - Lords of the Fallen Guide - IGN

There are some alternative ways in which you can farm vigor. Let’s take a look at them!

1. Moth Ring Boost

In the later stages of your playthrough, the Moth Ring becomes a valuable asset, augmenting the Vigor gained during farming. While it requires time to obtain, its benefits make the farming process significantly more accessible. Until the Moth Ring is in your possession, explore alternative strategies to accumulate Vigor.

2. Umbral Lamp and Glowing Blue Sacs

While navigating Umbra, be on the lookout for glowing blue sacs on the walls. Utilize your Umbral Lamp to burst these sacs, yielding Vigor. Although the individual amounts may be modest, the cumulative effect proves substantial over time. Given their frequent appearance during exploration, seize every opportunity to incrementally farm Vigor.

3. Item Duplication and Selling

Enemies often drop duplicate items that you already possess. Capitalize on this by selling these duplicates for additional Vigor. If you've accumulated Lucky Paws, strategically use them against enemies known for valuable drops. This approach enhances the efficiency of your Vigor farming endeavors, providing a steady income.

4. Learning Enemy Drops

Understanding which enemies drop specific items involves a learning curve. Regularly use Lucky Paws, easily farmed from Ardent Penitents, to enhance your knowledge of enemy drops. Once you identify mobs with desirable loot, capitalize on these opportunities for efficient Vigor farming.

5. Comprehensive Utilization of Opportunities

Seize every available opportunity in Lords of the Fallen for Vigor accumulation. Whether it's bursting blue sacs, leveraging Lucky Paws, or selling duplicate items, a comprehensive approach ensures that you maximize your early-game Vigor farming potential. With diligence and strategic utilization, you'll effortlessly level up your character in the challenging world of Lords of the Fallen.

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How can I efficiently farm Vigor in the early stages of Lords of the Fallen? 

You can use the Bellroom strategy in Pilgrim's Perch. With the right weapon and tactics, you can defeat the Penitent in about 15 seconds, accumulating 500 Vigor per encounter. This method allows for a rapid farming cycle, enabling you to amass around 60,000 Vigor in just an hour.

Are there alternative Vigor farming methods in Lords of the Fallen? 

Certainly! While progressing through the game, be on the lookout for the Moth Ring, which boosts Vigor gains. In the absence of the Moth Ring, use your Umbral Lamp on glowing blue sacs in Umbra for incremental Vigor. Additionally, exploit item duplication by selling duplicates for extra Vigor and strategically employ Lucky Paws against enemies with valuable drops.

What should I consider when farming Vigor in Umbra? 

When farming in Umbra, be mindful of Dread, which increases over time and attracts stronger enemies. Stay close to a Vestige or an Emergence Effigy to safely return to Axiom when overwhelmed. However, ensure enemies are dealt with before interacting with an Emergence Effigy. This method provides a balance between maximizing Vigor gains and avoiding the risks associated with prolonged stays in Umbra.


Mastering the art of Vigor farming in Lords of the Fallen opens up diverse strategies to enhance your character's progression. Whether you opt for the intense encounters with Ardent Penitents using the Bellroom strategy, exploit the benefits of the Moth Ring, or leverage the opportunities presented in Umbra, each approach contributes to your journey.

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