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Torchlight Infinite Heroes and their Traits Guide

Torchlight: Infinite is a brand-new loot-based ARPG that differs from every other MMO and ARPG. The game strictly adheres to the play-to-win model rather than the pay-to-win model, where people can make microtransactions to purchase new clothes for their heroes or other stuff. Some added monetization benefits are additional hero traits that are restricted behind a paywall. In addition, players can now collect AFK resources with the new Auto-Loot function if they purchase the system. The Auto-Loot functionality, though, needs to account for the legendary and more uncommon resources and goods. The remaining portions of the game are available to be played for free.

A genuine class structure or a hero collecting system wherein users can call forth various heroes or customize them is absent from Torchlight: Infinite. Instead, including over 300+ talents and skills to pick from, the game approach concentrates on enhancing the uniqueness of your current hero. One of the key advantages to work on is the vast customizability, which is also a rewarding choice for gamers who wish to experiment with alternative gameplay philosophies for the same hero. For example, players can adopt the role of a physical damage-dealing tanky wizard or a samurai at a distance. With over 10,000 potential unique combinations, there is virtually no limit to how one can customize one's talents and skills.

Heroes in Torchlight: Infinite

There are presently just five heroes available for a player to role-play as. Future Torchlight: Infinite creators have stated that they intend to boost this quantity of manifolds even as the game advances. As you level up a hero, you can unlock new attributes for them. Unlike skills and talents, which can be shared among heroes, these attributes are particular to each character. The following are the 5 distinct heroes that can be played and selected when the game first starts:

  • Rehan is a ruthless swordsman.

  • Carino is a gentlemanly man who is immensely proud of his marksmanship.

  • Gemma is a 'Thermal Mech Energy' Technology expert.

  • Youga is a top-tier magician who is unconcerned about his fate.

  • Moto is a naughty witch that causes magical harm.

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Rehan is a close-ranged hero who excels at damaging opponents in close quarters. He is a strong candidate for beginner players to select because of his outstanding offensive and defensive stats. Son of Uhtred, chief of Varagon, Rehan is the final survivor of the Varagon Expedition, according to his official hero description. Rehan lived a life no greater than any lower person because he was raised under extreme strain and adversity. When the chieftain of Varagon personally reached out to Rehan, Rehan hesitated because he began to feel he would never win his father's approval.

Torchlight Infinite Rehan


Rehan can build up stacks of his Rage trait by striking adversaries. A red bar termed the "Rage Bar" is a visual indicator of the Rage. A player's additional stats will depend on how much Rage Rehan possesses. For each 1% of his health lost to enemy attacks, Rehan loses 1 Rage and receives 8 Rage for close attacks. Rehan's attack speed increases by 8% for each Rage stack. If Rehan doesn't gain any Rage within three seconds, his Rage Bar is decreased by 2 Rage every second. After touching on the Rage bar with a full bar, Rehan can go into Berserk mode. He obtains a 30% increase in movement speed, and his strikes drain Rage rather than provide it.

  • Angry at level 15

  • Level 32: Frenzy Furious and Righteous Fury

  • Rampaging at level 50.

  • Boiling anger and tunnel vision are present at level 62.

  • Uncontrolled Fury at Level 80


In a protracted state of battle, the long-ranged hero Carino excels in damaging the opposition. In addition, he is a fantastic DPS hero because of his strong attacking powers.

"Even for a thin dinner, Carino lays down a clean table cloth with his cutlery to serve himself royally," states his official hero description. As a Hermann, Carino undoubtedly had a lonely childhood. Nevertheless, he fought after fleeing Dusk City, a sad place that had been emptied of all hope following the fall of the Hermann Empire, holding on to his faith in justice.

Torchlight Infinite Carino

Ranger of Glory

Feature of Carino's Ranger of Glory's projectile abilities, he claims, will use ammunition. Carino possesses 6 Ammos at the beginning of the battle. Additionally, the first magazine size is 6. The talent uses 1 ammunition per projectile and deals 60% more damage due to the projectile skills. One round of ammunition can be reloaded every 0.8 seconds. Reloading takes time, but Carino benefits from the extra time by moving at a 30% faster rate. Additionally, only non-projectile talents may be employed when reloading.

  • Ammunition Expert, Level 15.

  • Move Reload and Improve Ammo at Level 3

  • Ammunition at level 50

  • Landslide and Special Magazine at Level 62

  • Bullseye and Special Expansion at Level 80


Gemma is an expert at dealing harm to adversaries throughout a protracted battle because she is a long-ranged hero.

Gemma Cesar's official bio shows that the Cesar family is well-known for its thermal energy mech technology. However, her father's efforts to protect her from a terrible attack by a family rival led to the creation of her fire element-infused mechanical limb and a heart transplant from an ineligible donor. Unfortunately, her fun-loving character was also changed by this alteration, turning her into a vicious fighting maniac.

Torchlight Infinite Gemma

Frostbitten Heart

Feature of Gemma Gemma's Frostbitten Heart enables her to store Fire and Cold energy. Gemma emits Fire and Cold Pulse when there has sufficient energy.

  • Fusion Form at level 15.

  • Expansion and Abnormal Energy at Level 32

  • Frostfire Strength at level 50.

  • Spread and Fusion Body at Level 62

  • Extreme Fusion and Seeping In at Level 80


Youga is a hero with a small effective range who inflicts damage to foes quickly. Youga scratches his unruly spiky hair and couldn't be more bewildered.

You chose the wrong person, dude, according to his official hero description. If I were some chief mage, why would I put on such a hurried magic show on the roadside? He flicks innumerable petals into the sky as quickly as he understood he wouldn't be leaving on his own. Each soldier's spear pierced his chest, raising him off the earth as they charged at him. Youga straightens into a life-sized picture of Arminius the Great's portrait without yelling.

Torchlight Infinite Youga

Twisted Spacetime

When using mana, your character can slot energy thanks to Twisted Spacetime. It is also possible to use this energy to activate skills.

  • Spacetime Illusion, at Level 15.

  • Level 32: Field Effect and Flow Disruption

  • Spacetime Resonance, Level 50

  • Spacetime Protection and Arcane Contact at Level 62

  • Level 80: Synchronized Time and Twisted Field


Moto is a close-ranged hero who damages opponents in a brief battle condition. He deals a tonne of damage everywhere he swings his charged hammer.

According to his official hero description, Moto tried to write his name on the class blackboard, but he could only get as far as the very bottom. Oh, dear! Moto extends his arm to complete the completed character. Living with all of the standard race-height furniture at the school is one of the drawbacks of being a dwarf. Up until he had completed writing his name, the hilarity continued.

Moto, meanwhile, isn't at all upset about the laughs. Instead, he takes a miniature Ember Mech bird out of his pocket, winds it slowly, then lets go of his gripping fingers. All eyes are focused on the mechanical bird lifting from his palms into the air like a genuine one as the noise is abruptly stopped.

Torchlight Infinite Moto


According to Moto's trait Commander, he can create an Overload spell that increases his strike damage and casting speeds by 35%. Furthermore, he has an additional 10% chance to deliver twice as much damage thanks to the Overload effect. Skill impact time and skill downtime recovery, respectively, impact the length and downtime of this overloading effect.

  • Order Calling at Level 15

  • Level 32: All in and Charge Forward

  • Veteran at level 50.

  • The Brothers in Arms and Last Stand are level 62 games.

  • Level 80: Go for Broke and Rest & Ready


Torchlight: Infinite is a fantastic game that will keep gaining popularity due to its excellent gameplay. Reading the guide mentioned above, you can learn more about the heroes and their characteristics. Ultimately, this would simplify your life and enable you to enjoy the game better. We hope the subjects discussed above meet your needs.

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