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World of Warcraft: WotLK PvE Feral Druid Tank Best Professions Guide
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World of Warcraft: WotLK PvE Feral Druid Tank Best Professions Guide

One of the most important parts of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King’s characters is their professions. Their profession greatly boosts their attack damage, healing, or how much they can endure in a battle and allows them to generate a little gold.

This guide will cover a few of the best options for all the professions for a Feral Druid Tank.

 World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Game

WoW: Best Professions

 There are two best professions in World of Warcraft. Engineering and Jewel crafting.  

Engineering: It is the strongest profession and better than any other profession.

Jewel Crafting: It comes after Engineering and is considered the second-best profession. But its value is close to other professions. 

More details about Engineering and Jewel Crafting are given below:


 Engineering is considered to be the king of all professions in WoW. It gives many benefits.

 Engineering offers a few special benefits which lie in the glove enchant. Feral Druids have two useful options. 

Hyperspeed Accelerators: This feature helps by giving a +340-haste rating for around 12 seconds (it has a 1-minute cooldown). This converts into an increase in 10% attack speed and 20% uptime. This is amazingly effective for threats in the tank and as DPS when the tank is not needed. 

Reticulated Armor Webbing: This helps by giving an everlasting +855 armor boost. This is effective for migration but less for a player’s threat/DPS. 

 Additionally, players have access to Nitro Boosts as an Engineer. Nitro Boosts helps in boosting enchantment by giving a +24-crit rating passively. In addition, it comes with another use effect which increases the player’s speed for around 5 seconds. This helps players swiftly and lets them pick up a loose mob which is a life-saver. 

 And the most important feature of an Engineer is that they can use extremely powerful explosives. For example, Global Thermal Sapper Charges is a really powerful explosive. 

World of Warcraft: WotLK Engineering Profession

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Jewelcrafting is considered the second most useful profession after Engineering for Feral Tanks in WoW. Jewelcrafter-unique gems are the main advantage of Jewelcrafting. For example, Dragon’s Eye is a type of special gem stronger than any regular gem. But at a time, only three can be equipped. Dragon’s Eye adds up either +63 stamina or +42 agility for the player’s tank/DPS sets. Other professions have lower stats than this, and these are more versatile to use for any role players play. 

Also, jewel crafting offers a few pre-raid trinkets like Figurine-monarch Crab. This one is a temporary benefit but still very useful and worth mentioning. 

 World of Warcraft: WotLK Jewelcrafting Profession

Other Useful Professions

 These professions are feasible but do not offer as much as the best professions. Therefore, these are not recommended. But if the player is not interested in making their character A1, they can use any of the professions mentioned below: 


It is the profession where items are forged using metals, ore, and other goods. They utilize natural resources such as metals that are found on the Earth. Blacksmith creates melee weapons, armor, weapons, etc.

They can add two extra gem sockets in their gear, i.e., one on their wrist and the other on their hands. Adding two Solid Majestic Zircon or two Delicate Cardinal Ruby on their gear can provide +60 more stamina or +40 more agility. This is not as good as Jewelcrafting, but it is still versatile. 

World of Warcraft: WotLK Blacksmith Profession


Leatherworking is a primary profession, and players can have only two primary professions. This profession helps to utilize goods such as leather which are farmed through the Skinning profession. These items include cloaks, mail and leather armor, etc.

They gain access to bracer enchants called Fur Lining-Stamina. This provides+62 increase in stamina over the enchant, which is standard and available for everyone. Formula: Enchant Bracer-Major Stamina is a type of tank enchant that is slightly stronger than what Blacksmithing provides. But its DPS set is weak. Fur Lining-Attack Power gives a +80-attack boost over the normal enchants available for everyone.  

World of Warcraft: WotLK Leatherworking Profession


Enchanting is a good primary profession. Characters use magical formulas and grant special additions to their armors, weapons, etc. In addition, special enchanting components are needed for enchanting recipes. These ingredients are gathered through disenchanting items of any rarity. 

Enchanter can access the Enchant Ring-Stamina enchant. This enchant provides a +60 increase in stamina. Enchant Ring-Assault can provide a +80-increase attack power for their DPS set. These are quite good but weak as an overall stat and have weaker versatility. 

World of Warcraft: WotLK Enchanting Profession


Mining is a primary profession where players can find ores, raw gems, and stones and mine them. These ores and other materials can be found through certain nodes spread in the WoW world. 

Miners can gain a way into Toughness passive. This enchant offers a +60 boost in stamina. This shows that it binds all the earlier mentioned professions, but it lacks the versatility and DPS-focused options. 

World of Warcraft: WotLK Mining Profession


Alchemy is a profession where a character mixes herbs, and these herbs are found through herbalism and generate potions, elixirs, cauldrons, etc. They provide different types of effects and also gems, elements, and transmuted minerals that can be used to restore mana or health, grant good luck, etc. This is also a primary profession and can be useful for all other characters of different classes. 

Alchemists gains access to Mixology, which is a passive effect. Mixology helps increase the performance of elixirs and flasks characters consume, but they must be crafted by themselves. This increases +650 HP when Flask of Stoneblood is used, which is weaker compared to the stamina given by other choices. DPS set gains +64 attack while using Flask of Endless Rage, weak if compared to other choices. 

On the other hand, the best profession for generating gold, potions, flasks as well as elixirs is Alchemy. This is what makes Alchemy a really good profession for alts of players. 

World of Warcraft: WotLK Alchemy Profession


In this profession, players can make glyphs, Darkmoon cards, etc. This provides base materials and is quite similar to prospecting and disenchanting.

Players can access the Master’s Inscriptions of the Pinnacle, which is a shoulder enchant. It gives a +40-dodge grading increase more than the standard enchants of the shoulder (Greater Inscriptions of the Pinnacle). For the DPS set, Master’s Inscriptions of the Axe enchant gives a +80 increase in attack over the normal enchant available for everyone (Greater Inscriptions of the Axe). Overall, this is considered to be weak as a tank profession.

Glyphs and scrolls are considered a nice source of income, but the argument comes because many believe that real benefit comes from inscriptions.

World of Warcraft: WotLK Inscriptions Profession


Tailoring is a profession in which players covert a cloth piece into armor, shirt, bag, and other stuff. They play a special role in guilds because they can make bags for the guild if guild members bring them accurate ingredients.  

Tailors can access Swordguard Embroidery enchant of the cloak. This gives players a +400 increase in attack for around 15 seconds plus a 45-second cooldown for internals. This converts into a +133-attack bonus on an average if applied every 45 seconds. Or it can gain a +100-attack bonus on an average if applied every 60 seconds. Still, the Enchant Cloak-Major Agility or Flexweave Underlay, a cloak enchant, is insignificant for both feral DPS and tank. 

World of Warcraft: WotLK Tailoring Profession

Less Useful Professions

The given below professions are notably fewer PvE gains and are not considered usable for Feral Tanks.


Skinning gives access to the Master of Anatomy, a passive skill. This skill offers a +40 Crit chance boost. This is quite weaker than any other profession but still usable. 

This profession is not at all good for a gold generation. Therefore, it is not considered a good profession.

World of Warcraft: WotLK Skinning Profession


They gain Lifeblood skills. This skill helps heal over 3600 HP for around 5 seconds and has a 3-minute cooldown. This skill is quite handy and helps in farming and levelling a character. But it is not enough to save a character in raids or dungeons. 

The only benefit of herbalism is that it provides a decent amount of gold tools. And druids are considered best for gathering as a profession. So, if a player’s druid is an alt they rarely play, herbalism is a good option. Otherwise, they should choose other better options.

World of Warcraft: WotLK Herbalism


These are all available options, and you can choose any of these. Remember that players can have two active professions at a time. It’s better to go for the best options, but you can go for other options too. This is a game, and you must play to enjoy and discover all ways to play the game. 

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