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WoW Classic Season of Discovery Guide to Get Wild Druid Rune

Welcome to our WoW Classic Season of Discovery Guide to Get Wild Druid Rune. Experienced players of the popular MMORPG must be aware about the role that Runes play in the game. But for those who are new to the game and just getting started, we will tell you what runes are in this article. Not only that, this article will focus primarily on the topic of getting the Wild Druid Rune for the Druid class of the WoW Classic Season of Discovery game. Wild Strike Druid Rune or just the Wild Druid Rune is an essential part of the gaming experience. We will discuss what they are and how they are useful from a gaming point of view. So, let’s begin by understanding what Wild Druid Runes are in the game.

Wild Druid Rune is WoW Classic SoD

Before discussing a special kind of Rune, let’s just understand what Runes actually are. Runes are special objects available in the WoW Classic Season of Discovery game. These in-game items are placed in various slots available in your equipment. Runes once assigned with the equipment allow you to use more powerful passives. These passive effects for a player can be boosted through runes to deal more damage.

Each class has a certain number of Runes that can be assigned to the equipment associated with that class. We will only be discussing a particular kind of Rune out of the total of 12 runes associated with the Druid Class. Yes, there are 12 runes in the world of SoD when it comes to the Druid Class. In this article we will discuss the Wild Strike Druid rune and see what it does. We will also discuss where you can find these Druids in the game. 

About Wild Strike Druid Rune

Wild Strike Rune is an important item for the Druid Class. This rune allows them to utilize the Windfury ability of theirs. Whether you are an Alliance Druid or Horde Druid, the destination is the same for both of these Druids. 

In the WoW Classic SoD game, there were some of the abilities that were locked earlier, but now those are given to the Hunters and Druids. These abilities were earlier with Horde or Alliance. So, with the runes we know a class gets powerful passive effects by adding them to their equipment. The Aspect of the Lion is given to the Hunters that allows them to use the Blessing of Kings. On the other hand, Wild Strike Rune is passed on to the Druids that allows them to utilize the Windfury.

Wild Strike Rune is a much potent rune that is a must have for all those teams who make use of the several melee DPS (damage per second) classes. As a group you would want to maximize the damage. Now, to maximize the damage, you would want to get Runes as early as possible, and fortunately, you can get the Runes by the time you reach level 14. All you need is to make sure you can reach Stonetalon Mountains. But before discussing how we can get them, let’s discuss what the Wild Druid Rune can do and where you place it. We will see what are its effects and what piece of equipment utilizes it.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Wild Druid Rune

Wild Druid Rune Effects

Wild Druid Rune can be slotted on Chest Equipment. That’s the gear slot for this Rune of the Druid Class. Let’s discuss the effects of the Wild Strikes Druid Rune.


  • When any member of the Druid class has taken the form of either a Bear or a Cat, all the group members who are in the close proximity of this member are granted an opportunity to deliver an extra attack with 20% chance of actually delivering it.
    - Procs exclusively triggered by melee attacks will experience the bonus of an additional attack approximately 20% of the time.
    - These supplementary attacks come imbued with an additional 20% Attack power, contributing to a DPS boost of more than 20% for all classes specializing in melee combat.

  • The stacking of this effect is not applicable when combined with the Windfury Totem cast by the Shaman.

Similar to the Aspect of the Lion providing an exclusive benefit for Hunters, the Wild Strikes ability presents Druids with an unprecedented effect previously limited to a specific faction. Specifically, it introduces the Windfury effect, traditionally associated with Shamans – a class exclusive to the Horde. This groundbreaking feature signifies that, for the very first time, players aligned with the Alliance can now enjoy the dual advantages of Windfury and Blessing of Kings concurrently, albeit under distinct monikers. This novel development adds a unique dimension to the gameplay experience, offering Alliance participants a distinctive combination of abilities that were once reserved solely for the Horde.

Wild Strikes provides Druids with the capability to enhance the combat effectiveness of their adjacent melee companions by incorporating additional attacks. In its active state, each melee strike carries a 20% likelihood of triggering an supplementary attack, infusing 20% more attack power into its resultant damage. Due to the marginally heightened potency of the supplementary attack in comparison to the standard strikes, Wild Strikes leads to a slightly more than 20% augmentation in Damage Per Second (DPS) for those engaged in dealing melee damage.

This particular Druid Rune holds significant importance in endgame scenarios, particularly when engaging in group activities that involve numerous melee specifications. Therefore, it is highly advisable to acquire this rune at the earliest opportunity, preferably before reaching the milestone of level 25. You will also be required to spend Gold, the in-game currency of WoW Classic SoD to make faster progress. So make sure you have enough stock of the same. If you are falling short of the gold, get it for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Getting The Wild Druid Rune

To successfully access the potent Wild Strikes in World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery, players need to venture into the majestic Stonetalon Mountains. Both the Alliance Druids and the Horde Druids share a common destination and task – the southeastern entrance to the Stonetalon Mountains from the Barrens. In this locale, Druids will encounter formidable adversaries in the form of the Grimtotem Tauren, boasting a level of around 15. Engage in combat with these foes persistently until you acquire the prized Idol of the Wild, an essential item that should be promptly equipped into your designated Relic slot for maximum effectiveness and prowess in battles to come.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Wild Druid Rune Guide

Upon being adequately equipped, Druids are tasked with the responsibility of mending the wounds of 10 distinct amicable Beasts, consequently paving the way for the unveiling of the Rune itself. Amicable Beasts encompass an array of entities such as Shamans seamlessly integrated into the Ghost Wolf form, shapeshifted Druids, and Hunter Pets. The caveat, however, lies in the prerequisite that these Beasts must already exhibit a deficit in their health points, rendering the act ineffectual if they happen to be in a state of optimal health. Navigate towards intense battlegrounds like Moonbrook in Westfall or the vicinity around the Crossroads, actively seeking out Hunter pets in need of restoration. Once you have successfully administered healing to 10 of these Beasts, proceed to utilize the Idol conveniently accessible from the Character/Equipment screen. Lo and behold – the Wild Strikes Rune shall be unveiled and rendered available for engraving, marking a significant milestone in your Druidic journey.


In conclusion, the Wild Druid Rune in WoW Classic Season of Discovery plays a pivotal role in enhancing the combat effectiveness of Druids, especially in group activities involving melee specifications. This unique Rune grants Druids the Windfury ability, previously associated with Shamans, offering Alliance participants a distinctive combination of abilities. With a 20% chance of triggering an additional attack with heightened attack power, the Wild Druid Rune significantly contributes to a more than 20% boost in Damage Per Second (DPS) for melee classes.

Obtaining the Wild Druid Rune involves venturing into the Stonetalon Mountains, where both Alliance and Horde Druids share a common destination. Engaging in persistent combat with formidable adversaries like the Grimtotem Tauren, obtaining the Idol of the Wild, and subsequently healing 10 amicable Beasts reveal the Rune. This Rune holds significant importance in endgame scenarios, making it advisable for Druids to acquire it at the earliest opportunity, preferably before reaching level 25. In summary, the Wild Druid Rune adds a unique dimension to the gameplay experience, marking a significant milestone in the Druidic journey in World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery. This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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