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WoW Classic Season of Discovery Guide to Reagent Vendors

World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery has room for various types of amazing vendors we can find worldwide through different gathering professions. But are you still urged to find more reagent vendors because the others sell the same or mostly useless recipes? At the end of this blog, you will get a guide to finding several reagent vendors and an exotic reagent vendor you might not have heard of. And what if we tell you that you can get a good amount of gold by trading Felcloth with him?

Reagent Vendors

Reagents are elements that players need to use a special ability or cast a specific spell. These spells and elements are essential for completing different levels of the game. The humanoids who sell these elements are called Reagent Vendors. These vendors can be found with the help of the tracking system and the mini-map. 

The Undercity Reagent Vendor

Thomas Mordan is a level 30 reagent Vendor. You can easily meet him in the Upper Trade Quarter of the Undercity. Throughout the WoW Classic SoD, he sells different things at different levels like Stranglethorn, Hornbeamseed, Arcane Powder, Symbol of Divinity and Rune of Teleportation. 

A Forsaken reagent vendor similar trader to Thomas Mordan is Hannah Akeley. She is also a level 30 vendor who deals with similar stuff but can be found in a different place: the Magic Quarter. 

Thunder Bluff Reagent Vendor

Chepi is a level 30 Tauren Reagent Vendor. He is crucial for the city’s aspirant spellcasters and alchemists. He holds elements that are essential for the making of potions, concoctions and other magical enchantments. Chepi’s stall is well-stocked with herbs, powders and minerals. What makes Chepi an outstanding humanoid vendor is his knowledge. His awareness of the quality of what he trades makes him special, and his recipes are invaluable. 

His responsibility in the Thunder Bluff is not exhaustive to personal encounters. The herbs sold by Chepi include Swiftihistle, Mandrake, Gromsblood, Living root and stoneseed. In contrast, the minerals include iron ore, copper ore, tin ore and finally, powders of Stonefire, Sunfire and Adept’s elixir.

WoW Classic SoD Thunder Bluff Reagent Vendor

Orgrimmar Reagent Vendors

Hagrus is a humanoid reagent trader who can be found in the Origrimmar. He is also another 30-level vendor. He usually stays in the Cleft of Shadows, near a similar orc reagent vendor who stays in the Vally of Strength. This orc vendor has the name ‘Horthus.’ This Horthus will be found in a hut with Shan’ti during and after the Origrimmar Siege. 

Stormwind Reagent Vendors

Kyra Boucher is one of the first human vendors so far in this blog. This beautiful human reagent vendor lives in the trade district. She can be spotted inside the shop of Pestle’s Apothecary with Keldric. One of the most fascinating things that she sells is the vanishing powder for forty units. 

She also appeared in the Vision of Stormwind. She lives among very concerned citizens of the district, especially during the days when the Uncrowned and the Veiled hand infiltrated the entire city.

Ironforge Reagent Vendors

Ginny Longberry is another different kind of vendor belonging to another faction. She belongs to the kind of Gnome whose faction can also be called Gnomeregan Exiles. She is found in the district of the Mystic Ward in Ironforge. She trades with crafting items that include a variety of potions, scrolls and enchantments, along with other herbs, minerals and potions, like any other type of reagent trader. Another vendor similar to her in the Ironforge is Barim Jugerstaad.  

Darnassus Reagent Vendors

Alainda is of the Elf family. She is also called the Wandering Night Elf. One of the reasons is that she can be found outside the Temple of Moon or the Temple of Gardens in Darnassus. She also sells an interesting thing: five units of Vanishing powder for forty units of currency. This humanoid reagent vendor has started a new controversy. It remains unknown if she survived the Burning of Teldrassil.

WoW Classic SoD Darnassus Reagent Vendors

Now, let us move on to the most awaited Exotic Reagent Vendor…  

Exotic Reagent Vendor (Vi’el)

Here is one of the most unique creatures in the entire game of World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery. He is found in a dark cave. He belongs to the category of a demon imp. He resides in the Dark Whisper Gorge near the area of Hyjal. As you explore the map, you will find a cave in the marked area of Dark Whisper Gorge. 

Once you enter, you will find the above-shown imp sitting in the middle of a fire inside the dimly lit surroundings. Though he looks like a demon, his trade is worthy of coins. He sells many valuable things besides minerals and herbs, as any other reagents discussed earlier. He trades Gromsblood and Felcloth for good quality and cheap price. Gromsblood is used for varied Alchemy recipes you may take to the engineers throughout the game. 

Felcloth is one of the best top-end fabrics. It is used for all rare and epic tailoring patterns. Whenever you pass this cave, make sure you visit this guy. There are chances that you can even make more gold by trading with this imp. And that too just by buying some Felcloth and Gromsblood. The next most interesting item he sells is the Fel Elemental Rod, used for various quests for 40 Gold. It does sound relevant right now, but when you reach those levels, you might find the rod essential. You can get the required amount of gold from the reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel for real money, making it the easiest way to get gold in WoW Classic SoD.

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In conclusion, these reagent vendors are essential to find at one part of the WoW Classic SoD and are very easy to spot. Now that you also have this guide with you, we hope it helps. To conclude this guide, we have discussed different types of reagent vendors and the locations where they can be found. And we finally discussed the erotic reagent vendor, the imp. That will be all for this guide, and all the best in finding these wonderful vendors.

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