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Albion Online City Building Guide

Albion Online is an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) game. This game allows the players to explore the vast regions of Albion, these regions are full of challenges and many dangerous mobs. Building a city is one of the main features that play an important role in the game. Building their city helps the players to make their working stations and halls.

We will be providing you with a guide to start with your city building, this will help you to understand the basics related to building a city and also we will be sharing some tips which will help you to utilize your resources to the fullest.

Items to build in your city

There is a variety of items that you can build in your city we will be discussing a few of them with their importance, items that can be built in Albion Online City are:


The building is the most important structure to be built in a city for managing the Albion online city. Buildings can be constructed with the help of many resources and they can also serve many different purposes. Some buildings which can be built in your city are:

Town Hall

It is located in the center of your city, it is the main central hub for the whole city, whenever there is a situation of any kind of emergency all the people of the city report at the town hall and as it is located in the center of the city it is easily accessible to all the member of the city, Town hall is a very crucial part of any city so town hall can be upgraded from time to time for unlocking new features of it.

Crafting Stations

Crafting stations refer to those places where a player can craft different types of items for themselves, such as weapons, armor, mounts, tools for working, and many more. For different types of work there are different types of stations for example for making armors you’ll build a particular crafting station for armors and for making tools you will have to build a separate workstation where only tools will be prepared.

Laborer’s Lodge

It refers to a building that allows the players to hire and manage their workforce, this workforce helps in the construction of all the buildings from the biggest town hall of the city to the smallest working or crafting station in the game or in your city everything is built by the workforce of laborer’s lodge which makes them a very important part of the game as without them building structures is very difficult.

Guild Hall

It refers to a place where guilds can store their items and manage their own resources and they can also plan for future events here.

Albion Online City Building


Furniture is the interior part of any building and is mainly made for decorating in the game, furniture which you can build in the game for decoration are:

  • Beds: This will allow your player to have some rest and regain energy for participating in the game better.


  • Tables and chairs: These are generally for decoration only as players can not use them


  • Trophies: These are mainly for flaunting the achievements which the player has.


  • Chests: These are very important as they help us in storing items and resources. 

Tools and Weapons

Tools and weapons are a very important part of the game as Albion Online involves PvP fights and many fights at every point majorly, so weapons and tools help the player to defend himself in case of battles and weapons are helpful for attacking. Example, swords, axes, sickle etc.

City Building

Building a city in Albion Online requires a lot of planning and organization of resources and you have to manage resources so that they can be utilized to the fullest. So we will be providing you with some best steps for building your city with the full utilization of resources.

Selecting a Suitable Location

Choosing a suitable location for building a city is very important, you have to look for a region where the footfalls of the trader and other players are the most because this will eventually increase the visitors in your city while deciding the location you have to also make sure that the location which you are choosing is rich in resources because traveling to another region for gathering basic resources will be a very difficult task.

Building the basics of city

For starting the building of your city you should always start with building the basic structures first such as the town hall, crafting stations, and laborer’s lodge. These buildings are a must to be built in a city because as we earlier told you the town hall is the central building of the city and all the meetings are held there only, crafting stations are important for crafting any type of commodity from weapons, tools, armors, etc and laborer’s lodge are important because labors are the most important for building any structure.

Albion Online City Building Guide

Managing the resources

Resources are a very important element in the game so it becomes important for you to gather them and manage them according to your build. It becomes very important for you to gather resources before you start building any build. There are many types of resources that you will require while building such as wood, metal, and cloth.

For gathering resources you will need a resource node, you can gather the resources from them by simply interacting, once you are done with gathering resources now you can focus on building.

Prioritize Upgrades

Upgrading the building once built is a very important task because it unlocks many new abilities of that building and increases the level of the building. Upgrading the building helps in increasing the overall efficiency of the city. Upgrading the building have many benefits if you upgrade the crafting stations then the resource yield by them will be increased and also the maintenance cost of it will also be reduced. The same applies to all other buildings. Upgradation requires you to spend Silver, the in-game currency of Albion Online. If you are falling short of Silver, the best way to get them is for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

To upgrade building effectively, purchase Albion Online Silver from out website MMOPixel at the cheapest rate on the web. We offer safe payment options and 24x7 chat support.

Join a guild

Join a guild or a group is always a great option, as it will help you to build the city more efficiently and also with more effectiveness. With the help of teamwork, you will be able to make your city very organized and beautiful. Guilds can help you by providing necessary resources and laborers and many more benefits which will eventually help you in building quickly and efficiently. We advise you to team up with other guilds also for the construction of a very large project.

Use the focus points

Focus points are a very important resource in the game it is useful for increasing the crafting yield of the player. It is advised to use focus points when the players is crafting anything which is of high demand so with the help of focus points you will be able to increase the resource yield. 

Participate in City Building Events

Your participation in city-building events will be very helpful for you to build your own city, participating in city-building events is considered a great way to earn rewards and build the city efficiently, In these events players are provided with adequate resources and are expected to complete the work projects in a team, players when work in a team they give results faster than the player working alone so it gives rise to high efficiency.


So this was all about Albion Online City Building Guide, we started off with the introduction to the game where we discussed the importance of city building as a skill and why it should be done carefully, moving forward we discussed what all items can be built in Albion Online starting with the buildings in buildings we discussed about all the buildings which you can build in your Albion Online City such as town hall, crafting stations, laborer’s lodge, and guild hall. After buildings, we discussed how you can build furniture, tools, and weapons in your city.

Moving forward after discussing what all can be built we came to a guide on city building in Albion online, so the first step you have to follow is selecting the best location for your city, the second step is to build the basics of your city after that the third step says prioritizing the upgrades, step four tells the importance of using focus points and the last fifth step tells us the importance of participating in city building events in Albion Online.

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