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Albion Online Market Guide

To play the Albion online you need to be creative as it is a player-driven economy. You can craft or trade anything here through different resources like wood, metal, and many more. Also, one of the main aspects is selling and buying items from other players which gives the game a unique proposition. This further makes the market one of the most crucial things in the game as you would need to understand and master it to make a profit.

Understanding the Types of Markets

There are two main types of markets in Albion Online: local markets and the black market.

Local Market

Local markets are located in every city and town in the game. They are independent of each other, meaning that the prices and availability of items vary depending on the supply and demand of each location. For example, an item that is abundant and cheap in one city might be scarce and expensive in another.

Local markets are divided into different tabs: equipment, consumables, resources, journals, bags and capes, mounts, furniture, laborers, and others. You can browse through these tabs to find the items you want to buy or sell. You can also use the search function to filter by name, tier, quality, enchantment level, or item type.

Now how do you buy anything from the market? So, silver is used as the currency here and you need to have enough of it with you. You can also use gold if you have although it is scarce. Similarly, for selling anything you need to have that item with you. Also, you can set your offer with price and duration.

One thing to know is that there is a listing fee and a sales tax you have to pay. Both of them change based on your location and the local faction. You can influence these fees with your relations with the local faction. By the way, if you are wondering, then the listing fee is the money you give on creating an offer and is a percentage of the price, while the sales tax is the percentage of the final price when the goods are sold. 

Albion Online Local Market

Black Market

Like the local market which is present in every town, there is also a black market which is in the city of Caerleon which a lot of players are interested in. It is because, unlike local markets which are independent, these black markets are interconnected and can have an impact on every location.

Now in this market, you cannot directly sell to anyone you like but there is a middleman for every transaction called the NPC trader. Also, there is a limit on how much you can sell or buy here as the silver is limited. The mob or boss has quite a few items and whenever any player kills them, these items go to the black market. So, both of them are also interlinked. These are called PvE loot drops, and they have a significant impact on the market. The more items players sell in the market, the more you might get from the loot drop and vice versa.

The black market is a great way for players to make a profit from crafting and trading items. By selling items to the black market, you can create demand for them in PvE zones, which will increase their value and rarity. By buying items from the black market, you can find rare and valuable items that are hard to obtain elsewhere. Like the local market, there is also a listing fee and sales tax here as well, we have discussed the same in the local market section.

Albion Online Black Market

Tips for Using the Market

Here are some tips for using the market effectively and making a profit from it:

  • Check different markets for price differences. You can use tools like Albion Online 2D Database to compare the prices and availability of items across different markets. You can also use the in-game market UI to see the price history and trends of items in each market. You can exploit these price differences by buying low and selling high, or by transporting items from one market to another where they are more valuable. However, be careful of the risks involved in transporting items, especially in PvP zones where you can lose everything if you get killed by other players.

  • High-demand items often sell well. A good strategy would be to focus on crafting them. Checking the black market will help as you will get to know the items sold there and at what prices. Focus points can be used effectively here to improve your crafting skills which will help you earn more.

  • Use buy orders and sell orders strategically. Buy and sell orders are offers you create to buy or sell items at a specific price and quantity. They are useful for securing a deal without having to wait for someone to match your offer. You can use buy orders to buy items at a lower price than the current lowest sell offer or to buy items that are not available at the moment. You can use sell orders to sell items at a higher price than the current highest buy offer or to sell items that you don't need immediately. However, keep in mind that buy orders and sell orders have a duration limit and that you have to pay a listing fee upfront when you create them.

  • Often monitor the market trends and events. The market is constantly changing due to various factors such as supply and demand, player activity, game updates, seasonal events, etc. You can use tools like Albion Online 2D Database or Albion Online Data Project to track market data and statistics. By keeping an eye on the market trends and events, you can anticipate the changes in prices and availability of items and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Albion Online Market Guide

Some mistakes to avoid

Some things you can avoid in the market in Albion Online are:

  • Selling items at a lower price than the black market. As you learned above, the black market has an impact on the PvE loot drops and you can use this opportunity to increase the value of your products by creating demand for them. Check the prices with the NPC trader before selling or buying anything. Similarly, don’t make the mistake of buying items at a higher price than the local market. Since the local market is independent, the prices can be different in various locations, so try to find the best price wherever possible.

  • Protection is important. All of us can agree on that especially when you know you can lose everything. But the mistake most players do is not taking care of this which in turn can become quite risky as in the bid to find the best prices between locations, you might end up with nothing if you get killed in a duel. Some ways are to get an armored mount or join a caravan. Also, it would be better if you carry less weight as it is less risky and also helps you move faster.

  • Another silly mistake one can do is type or misclick things you don’t want to do and pay a heavy price for that. One example is accidentally selling something for 10 silver than 10 million and vice versa. Trust me it causes a lot of frustration and money to make. If you are falling short of the Silver, the best way to get them is for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel. 

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The market is one of the most important and exciting features of Albion Online. It allows players to create their economies and trade with each other in a dynamic and competitive environment. By using the market effectively, you can make a profit from crafting and trading items and enhance your gameplay experience. We hope this guide has helped you understand the basics of the market system, how to use it effectively, and how to make a profit from it.

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