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ESO Dragonknight Stamina DPS Build


Who doesn’t want to experience having a ton of damage in ESO? Well, in the PvE combat, the more damage you deal, the more dangerous you will be, as you have someone there to keep you alive. Here we have an ESO Dragonknight Stamina DPS Build you are a primary damage dealer of the team and your main focus is Damage Per Second.

This Build is made for people who are looking to add something extra to their Dragonknight Class that can buff you up for both Single and PvE combat. So, without any further delay, let's hop into the Build itself.

Background for Dragonknight Stamina DPS Build


We are using the Dragonknight class because of abilities associated with both the dual wield and the bow. The reason for using this Class is that in the typical Stamina DPS case, we need a ton of damage as a buff and Dragonknight is just what you need here. It is not direct damage, but rather something like a scaling that deals extra damage to enemies with a specific percentage of health also referred to as DPS or Damage per Second.

This build works on the concept of scaling when enemies are under the 25 or 50 percent mark of health, therefore we will use mostly the DoT abilities to deal damage in this build. For this reason, the more your enemies are low on health, the more dangerous you will become.

The amount of damage you deal is around 60k minimum DPS to a trial dummy (Iron Atronach) and around 40k minimum damage to a typical dummy with health around 3M. Therefore, you are a beast when it comes to delivering damage in PVE, as you rely on your allies for survivability.

Race Selection for Dragonknight Stamina DPS Build


For the selection of Race, there are quite a lot of choices you can go for like;

Redguard Race: This Race lessens the weapon ability cost by around 8 percent, enhances the stamina to around 2k and when dealing damage directly, you restore 950 Stamina after five seconds.

Orc Race: This Race also enhances the damage of your weapon to around 258 and enhances the overall Stamina to around 2k, which is the same as the Redguard.

If you don’t like these two races, you can go for the Imperial Race as well.

Point Division for Dragonknight Stamina DPS Build


The good aspect of this build is that you don’t have to focus on the Magicka, at all. So, your focus is shifted towards more on the Stamina, while the second focus here is your Health.

DPS might be great for damage but it surely does take a hit on your Stamina and it drains quickly. Being a PvE recommended build, you do have someone in the team to help you out in surviving. In case you are going solo, you can put some points into the Health Segment as well, which can increase your chances of surviving alone.




40 to 45



20 to 30




Abilities For DragonKnight Stamina DPS Build

Just like any other Build, your main concern here is putting the points over specific Back bar abilities and Front bar abilities. The Ultimate abilities are also your concern but they come after the first two.

Front bar Abilities


Flame of Oblivion

This ability allows you to conjure a fireball that does damage over time by striking after some time. Overall damage. The overall direct damage isn’t that high but applies for 15 seconds after every five seconds.

Inferno Morphed


Randing Slashes

Apply a Bleed Effect that is applied for around nine seconds. It does DoT Bleed and also lowers the speed of movement to around 40 percent.

Twin Slashes Morphed


Venomous Claw

Apply a Poison Effect that is applied for over 12 seconds. It has greater damage of a minimum of 25k and does a DoT position.

Searing Strike Morphed


Whirling Blades

A medium DPS damage but is enhanced when enemies are below the 50 percent health mark. This attack is great for multiple enemies because of being an AOE attack.

Whirlwind Morphed


Noxious Breath

A direct damage dealer that also puts up a Poison DoT on enemies. It also has less Stamina Drain and can easily be spammed, putting Fracture on Enemies in front

Fiery Breath Morphed

Back bar Abilities


Igneous Weapons

Gives Brutality (Major) and Prophecy (Major) to your allies and you. This buff is around for 42 seconds. There is a further Brutality (Minor) activated because of passive mountain blessing

Molten Weapons Morphed


Endless Hail

An AOE that is around for 8 seconds. Enhancing your durations while also minimizing the cost.

Volley Morphed


Flames of Oblivion

This ability allows you to conjure a fireball that does damage over time by striking after some time. Overall damage. The overall direct damage isn’t that high but applies for 15 seconds after every five seconds.

Inferno Morphed


Poison Injection

Enemies with health lower than 50 percent get 100 percent more damage from this Poison Dot

Poison Arrow Morphed


Barbed Trap

For 18 seconds you deal around 30k minimum more damage with this DoT ability. Further, you get critical damage for around 18 seconds as well.

Trap Beast Morphed

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Standard of Might: For this build, you have this as the primary because the enhances 15 percent for damage and a reduction when you are inside it. Further, you have Defile (Major), Flame Damage on activation, and DPS while inside the boundary.

Lacerate: A Healing and Bleed Effect DoT, with a lower cost of activation. You can use it often because you are getting bleed damage and also a heal equivalent to the 50 percent of damage done.

Champion Skills for Dragonknight Stamina DPS Build

Points for your Champion Skills are really limited, so you will have to be careful here. For the Dragonknight Stamina DPS Build, you need to have around;

Points Distribution for Thief Skills


Shadow Ward

















Points Distribution for Fighter Skills


Quick Recovery



Spell Shield









Thick Skinned



Elemental Defender


Points Distribution for Mage Skills





Physical Weapons Expert






Master At Arms



Precise Strikes





Equipment for Dragonknight Stamina DPS Build



As we already mentioned that you will have to use the Bow and Dual Wield abilities of Dragonknight in this Stamina DPS Build. So, on the Front bar, you will have Wield and on the Back bar, you will have the Bow.

Dual Dagger: For the melee, you need to have the Dual Dagger because they have an incredible chance of Critical Damage to enemies. Being all-around damage build, you need to have a critical at your disposal

Maelstrom Bow: For the Bow, you need to have the Maelstrom because it enhances the Ability “Endless Hail”


A pure DPS build needs to have something with greater Stamina and for that reason, we have here;

Basic Armor


Spriggan’s Thorn

Hunding’s Rage

Night Mother’s Embrace

Late game Armor

Flanking Strategist

Scavenging Demise

Archer’s Mind

Pillar of Nirn

Deadly Strike

All of the Late game gears are exceptional with DPS damage, providing you with critical weapons and enhancement of damage for weapons.

Trial Armor

Arms of Relequen

Tooth of Lokkestiz

Poisonous Serpent

Roar of Alkosh

Quick Serpent

Monster Armor





Both the Weapon and the Armor Enhancements you need to get are;

Weapon Damage Glyph: It enhances the overall damage of your weapon

Precise Traits: Enhancement of weapon damage and also critical

Stamina Glyph (Divine Trait): For the Armor, you need to get this Glyph along with the trait of Divine and in return, you will get better stamina.


On the side of Jewelry, you need to have;

Bloodthirsty: This trait enhances execution phase damage for bosses. In this phase, bosses are truly the deadliest and the Bloodthirsty enhances your damage considerably.

Weapon Damage Glyph: It enhances the overall damage of your weapon

Final Verdict for Dragonknight Stamina DPS Build

In the PvE Scenario, you need to have something that deals lethal damage to enemies. The Dragonknight Stamina DPS Build in ESO surely covers this up by providing you with a set of abilities to do DPS damage while also covering both the aspects of Melee and Ranged combat.

Even if you want to use this Build for Solo Gameplay, you can do so by using the abilities mentioned in this Build Guide. Further, the Build works on two scenarios; one for the 50 percent health of enemies and one for the 25 percent health of enemies to deal burst damage to them. There is nothing too complex here, but rather a Build that takes a lot of Stamina, so you need to keep that in check.

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