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NBA 2K23 MyCareer Attribute Caps: How to Increase them

The NBA 2K franchise's MyPlayer and MyCareer features are its key draws. Who wouldn't want to develop your own player and take him all the way to the top? However, it's imperative that you improve the My Player attributes if you want to become this superstar. You may learn how to gain attribute improvements in NBA 2K23 by reading this article.

Your custom NBA 2K23 player has a lower overall rating that can be improved by adding more traits. Specific attribute increases are encouraged by certain player types and build. So, where do you find the section on attributes and how do you improve your player attributes? We have outlined what you must do in this tutorial in order to locate and improve your player's Attributes.

Attribute Cap

The attribute cap is something to keep in mind when upgrading attributes. These demonstrate the potential of your MyPlayer. There is a kind of limit set on your player attributes, this means that your player can only upgrade his different attributes to a certain level. The Attribute Cap is usually set at an 85 overall rating. You must update your attribute cap after your overall score reaches 85 in order to level up all through to the ultimate 99 overall scores. There are several ways in which you can increase this limit, some of them are mentioned below.

NBA 2K23 Attribute Cap

How to Increase Attribute Caps in NBA 2K23?

Following are certain ways, tips and tricks which can help you increase your Player’s attribute cap.

Choosing Build

Right build is an important aspect in increasing your player's attribute cap. The build of the player will determine which attribute is going to be higher and which attribute is going to be lower in your avatar. The caps for different attributes will be higher or lower depending on the type of build your player has. For example, if you want your player to be great defensively then you should choose attributes which complement defensive stats. Similarly, for great shooting, you should prioritise more on shooting attributes. Hence choosing the right build becomes the first and most important step in increasing the attribute cap.

Practice Drills

Finishing drills is one of the easiest ways to increase the attribute cap of a player. The drills are kind of mini-games which the player should try to complete as it not only gives you an idea about how to perfectly control your player and different aspects of the game but also earn you points, these points can later be used to increase the player's attribute cap. The practice drills target specific areas or attributes such as shooting, layup finish, defence, ball handling etc. 

Here are some easy drills you can try:


The finishing exercises are not great, but the Hard-level Fatigued Finishing drill is manageable. The most important thing in this situation is to begin your layup or slam early and avoid wasting energy by returning to the ball on the outside.


If you have good shooting ratings, it will be simple for you to complete this drill, which calls for you to make catch-and-shoot midrange and three-point shots. You will earn a tonne of points for a reasonably straightforward drill because it is also a hard-level drill.


A reasonably simple playmaking drill for guards that has a solid ball and handling quickness. It may be difficult for big men with certain swing builds, but it still works well for the group that most need to grind a lot of playmaking badges.

Skill Boost

Skill Boost can be said to be some kind of temporary enhancement. By using Skill Boost you can increase your player's attributes for a short duration of time. A brief gameplay boost available in MyPlayer that gives a +5 gain to characteristics and also affects energy level is the NBA 2K23 Skill Boost and Gatorade Boost in MyCareer. If you want to improve your MyPlayer gameplay and ease the grind a little bit, you should equip these boosts. You can get these skill boosts using virtual currencies or earn them by completing task present in the game. The boost can sometimes be earned as daily rewards as well or as rewards in events. These boosts can be very useful and can be utilised when you require a temporary boost for a specific attribute.


Player badges are one method of separating a player's talent from their attributes. These badges serve as the focal point of builds and occasionally become necessary for a certain construction. These badges can be extremely difficult to obtain and may take many hours of grinding. The primary badge categories are shooting, playmaking, defense/rebounding, and others. Each type has its own "levelling bar," and you may advance by completing particular objectives within that category. For instance, taking wide-open shots will increase your shooting badge level.

Playing normal NBA games will level up your badges. At the end of the game, you will be awarded points for each effective skill you used. In accordance with the badge category, the reward points are going to be separated into subcategories. You could be able to earn more than 10,000 points spread among all badge kinds for just one five-minute per quarter game. If you steal, block, rebound, compete with excellence in shot contests, force the ball loose, or engage in other defending or rebounding actions, your defence and rebounding badge may level. If you hit open shots, three-pointers, free throws, and other shots, your shooting badge will advance. If you score with a slam dunk or a layup or score and get an and-one, your finishing badge will level up. The attributes cap can be raised and your player's talents can be considerably improved by upgrading your badges.

Attributes with the most potential

Lastly, there are certain attributes which have more potential for improvement than others. For example, attributes like sprinting, and jumping can be upgraded quickly and with fewer points than attributes like rebounding and post moves. The game AI is made to depict real-life challenges. Hence attributes which are easy to learn or gain in real life are easy to upgrade in the game as well. Hence by focusing on attributes with the most potential you can easily level up your player and increase the attribute cap in a short span of time with less hassle. 

NBA 2K23 Player Potential

Virtual Currency Packages

Although it is not the most recommended method used to increase a player’s attribute cap, but can certainly be effective. If you want to increase your players’ attributes quickly you can purchase virtual currency packages using real money. These virtual currencies can then be used to improve your player’s attributes and increase the attribute cap. However, maximising each attribute will require a lot of virtual currency and you will have to invest a significant amount of money, hence it is not the best method, but can surely be effective for making a few improvements.

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It is important to note that you can maximise each attribute of your player to a maximum limit of 99 overall ratings. It simply means there is still a chance of error for your player even after maximising your attribute level. This is also a reflection of the real world, no matter how good your player is he/she will still make mistakes if not handled correctly. Hence it also becomes important to practice regularly with your player and get masterly over controls, because there are a lot of things which can only be gained with experience by playing the game over and over and by learning from the mistakes.

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