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Star Citizen New Player Guide 2022


Finally, Star Citizen has been changing for good in 2022. With new updates constantly rolling out and developers taking note of how the players want things to be, Star Citizen is becoming much more solid than before. But these changes make it hard for new players to learn the endless streams of mechanisms. So, for that reason, we compiled a Star Citizen New Player Guide 2022, to speed up the basics of the game and present things that will help pave a better way for beginners. Without any further ado, let’s get started with the Guide.

New Player Guide 2022

Star Citizen is a massive game and taking into account all the things at once isn’t possible, at least for a Beginners Guide. We broke the guide into three parts, one being the Account, the second, being the game launch, and the third being the gameplay.

Note: Another thing to keep in mind is that Star Citizen as of 2022 is changing a lot and most of the things in this guide can be subjected to change as well. But the basics of the game are there to help you out in any case possible

Getting an Account

Either you are into a Freefly account or you don’t have an account, you can make one by heading over to the Robertsspaceindustries. There are certain codes you can try out from the internet to see if you can get extra credits at the time of profile creation or not.

You can use STAR-2BRX-G6MQ and see if it works at the time, you read the guide or not.

Game Packages

Now you have an account and you aren’t playing for a freefly event. Simply go to the Game Packages and purchase one from the bunch. Our recommendation is to get only the basic package that is available for around 45 dollars or so.

We know that the Ships in Star Citizen aren’t that perfected, but let’s be soft on this game only because of its unique concept. But you do need these ships at the start of the game to make some money or the in-game currency. Furthermore, you will use the currency to upgrade ships and get better equipment.

One more thing is that if you want to purchase a Starter Pack and have some extra budget to spend on the game as well. You can go for the Anvil C8X Pisces Expedition Starter Pack.

In this Star Citizen New Player Guide 2022, we will be taking into account the Aurora MR Starter Pack.

Entering the Game

Once you have the installer downloaded for Star Citizen, simply open the launcher and load it into the game itself by pressing Launch Game. The first thing you will be presented with is Home Location.

To be precise here, it is the starting location for your character and is named the Primary Residence Selection area. The only System available will be Stanton and there are further four Locations (Planets) for you to select, namely;

Orison (Crusader)

Lorville (Hurston)

Area18 (Arc Corp)

New Babbage (Micro Tech)

Picking a Starting Location


As a new player, you might not know consider this to be rather small for a massive game. Don’t be fooled by the limitations because each planet/location is diverse and has a unique system that allows you to possibly do things you wouldn’t be able to in other games.

There are Benefits, Ecosystems, Biomes, and various experiences that you have to get used to in the process. Furthermore, on the minor side, the clothing, architecture, person, and culture will be different from one another as well.

So, it is your own choice which one suits you best. Keeping the differences (Major, Minor) in mind, you can pretty much pick the one accordingly. Our selection here is New Babbage (Micro Tech) for this guide.

Important Keys

To interact with anything, you can press the “F” key. Same, you can open the door by pressing this key. Holding it to scroll and select.

You can select the speed of your movement by using the mouse wheel and charge levels on all tools.

F12 to get rid of that public chat or else you will like that upfront chat always being on your face.

To lock menus to your view, you can press the middle mouse button as well.

These were only the essentials that you do want to know as a beginner. All the other starting-off movement mechanisms are the same as in other games.


Starting with Supplies and Equipment


After picking the Location, your character will wake up on a bed and press the mentioned button to simply stand. A word of wisdom here, you can use this same key to stand up from any sitting area.

You will always be in the Residence Quarters of your building after Spawning. Always go for the elevators because they will let you go downstairs. After going down, you will see things get a bit different.

Visiting Hospital: At Babbage, you will find a Hospital and Orison. It is a good stop to always go for meds before going outside. So, go to the Hospital and on the panel, there will be Pharmacy. Use the terminal to get some MedPen (Hemozal). Press “C” and the Left Click to stop the bleeding on your character. You also need to get the Lifeguard Medical Attachment for Multitool along with a few refills.

Shops: Now, it’s time to move into the city shops for more supplies. You need to get that Multitool from Shubin Interstellar and get that OreBit Mining Attachment along with the TruHold Tractor Beam Attachment. You also need the MacFiex Core Rucksack to pursue multiple professions later on in the game. Lastly, you require the Rucksack Backpack.

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Now that you have all the essentials with you, simply head over to the train station and travel to Space Port. By Pressing the F key plus Right Click, you will open the new Star Citizen UI to select much about anything.


Personal Inventory


Inspect Item


And so on…

All these options are available with much more on the Player Inventory or UI. So, at the center, you have the Personal Inventory. You can also open Inventory by pressing the “I” key. You can further transfer all the stuff in between Ship, Backpack, and Residence.

Note: After you leave a city and your items are lost there, then they are Lost Forever. You can consider this Dark Souls type effect where things lost can never be regained.

Equipping Purchased Equipment: Now, simply hover over the Armor you purchased and drag it over your character. Double click the Med Pens to equip them on your character. Also, equip that multi-tool on your left leg side or Hip, along with the attachments for the Multi-tool. To put the medical refills onto something, you need to equip the Backpack on the back.

Flight Preparation


Each Space Port comes with a row of these panels that allow you to call for your ship to be loaded into a hanger. An Icon (UI) appears to tell you how far it is. Go to the correct hanger by following that Icon. Afterward, all the entrances of the Ship are marked (UI) and you can simply hop on board.

You can inspect the ship for a while, but after some time, the space traffic controller will simply put it back into storage and you will have to come a long way to get back into position to fly in space.

When you are on the ship, simply interact with the Pilot Seat of the Ship and press the “R” Button to turn the Systems ON. Press “F11” and get onto the Friends Chat to tell the Traffic Controller to free the Hanger.

Flight Movement: As always “WASD” is for movement, “Space Bar” for Up, “Space Bar” + “CTRL” to come Down, control the speed through the “C” Key, and use “Mouse Wheel” to adjust throttle, use the “N” Key for Landing Gear, ping with the “Tab” key to get a knowhow of location at Night time, and finally, to go into the space press the “C” key to Cruise Control, then use Mouse Wheel to full throttle, finally press
L Shift” to activate the afterburners.

Quantum Travel: After you are well enough into Space and far from Planet, you can use the Quantum Travel/Jump. Look for Square in space and press the “B” key you will reach the Space Station in no time.

Dropping at Space Station: Same as when you requested for take-off at Friend Chat, you can request for a drop at the space station as well. An icon (UI) will appear that indicates where you will drop off.

Resetting Respawn

Now that we are much about done with every detail, let’s talk about how you can reset the respawn location.

First, you will need to find a Medical Bed with Tier 2 or Higher. The most popular one you might have heard of is Carrack

Get into that Medical Bed and on the panel, you will find the Medical Assistance option “Regeneration”. It means you are moving your Respawn location to that specific area you can select. Through the process of Regeneration, you can simply miss the whole process of waking, getting equipment, and so on.



It is one of the essentials of the game and you can press the “F11” Key to access it. The first thing here is Contact List which allows you to manage parties, chat rooms, and contacts.

Then comes the Vehicle Manager which allows you to customize any vehicle you have access to at locations. Afterward come to the NikNax, which is an app that allows you to track any asset you own. Finally, the skyline is your map that shows where in the Star System you are and much more.

There is also a Trader application that allows you to trade/send to anyone. The best of them all is the Contract Manager who displays the missions. Alongside all this, there is much more like Journals, reputation tracking apps, and so on.



To earn a living in Star Citizen, you do need Credits, and a lot of them. The currency for Star Citizen as of now is aUEC, which is also referred to as UEC (United Earth Credits). In the Mobi Glass, you will find the Mission Tab that allows you to see the available, done, and accepted missions.

Keep in mind that these Missions are really important to be read. Give a thought on the description and what they want from you. There are both Legal and Illegal activities in missions, so it depends on you to differentiate between the two.

Being Star Citizen New Player Guide 2022, you will need to do missions that are simple, easy to do, and aren’t illegal. So, simply start with the General Tab in Missions and try to do them one by one. Furthermore, the type of missions is;

Delivery Missions (Common and Best to Explore Star Citizen Safely)

Search and Investigation Missions (Uncommon and Less Risky)

Bounty Hunting (Dangerous but Pays the best)

Call to Arms (Killing Criminals because at this point you don’t know how to catch them)

Mercenary (Like Bounty Missions but focus on FPS rather than Ship)

And So on…

Final Verdict

Being Social does have its pros and Star Citizen hasn’t been left behind after all. Playing with friends can enhance the gameplay of this game to another level. Not only does the game provide more to those who work together, but also has an extremely vast world to explore with your loved ones.

As a Newcomer, you might see changes in the game often and as of 2022, things have pretty much gone wild for Star Citizen. New Mechanics, Updates, fixes, patches, and much more are being presented with new content as well.

Don’t worry about being new here in the community, as everyone here in Star Citizen is friendly, helpful, and supportive to beginners. Furthermore, we have here a Star Citizen New Player Guide 2022, where we compiled much about everything a new player might ever need in Star Citizen.

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