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Best Dual-Wield Weapons in Lords of the Fallen

The unique approach to dual wielding in Lords of the Fallen adds a layer of complexity that distinguishes it from other Soulslike games. While the conventional wisdom in the gaming community might suggest that dual wielding is optimized for intense one-on-one encounters, Lords of the Fallen throws a curveball by emphasizing its effectiveness in dealing with groups of adversaries.

Beyond its utility in crowd control, dual wielding in this game proves to be a potent choice for maximizing damage output. It offers advantages in building up status effects, creating a strategic dimension to combat. Surprisingly, the combined moveset of dual-wielding can surpass that of individual weapons, providing players with a versatile and formidable combat style.

Today, we will delve into some of the standout dual-wielding options that players have discovered in Lords of the Fallen. Let’s get started!

10. Left-Hand & Right-Hand Bringers Of Stillness

Left-Hand Bringer of Stillness


In the realm of dual-wielding excellence in Lords of the Fallen, the Left-Hand and Right-Hand Bringers of Stillness swords stand out as a perfect pairing. These two Short Swords were meticulously designed to complement each other, creating a synergistic combination that unleashes formidable power on the battlefield.

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Obtaining the Bringer of Stillness Swords

Both the Left-hand and Right-hand Bringer of Stillness Swords are acquired from the Bringer of Stillness, although obtaining both can prove to be a challenging endeavor. The process of acquiring these swords adds an element of difficulty, but the payoff is well worth the effort.

Similar Appearances, Unique Attributes

At first glance, the Left-hand and Right-hand Swords may appear nearly identical, sharing a common aesthetic. However, a closer examination reveals subtle yet crucial differences. The Left-hand Sword specializes in building up Frostbite, adding a chilling effect to its strikes, while the Right-hand Sword inflicts additional Wither damage, delivering a punishing blow to adversaries.

Synergized Destruction

When wielded together and paired with the right gear, these Bringers of Stillness swords form a deadly combination that effortlessly shreds through every enemy in sight. Not only do they prove effective in dispatching foes, but their synchronized attacks also add a visual flair to the battlefield, making them a formidable and stylish choice for dual-wielding enthusiasts.

9. The Iron Wayfarer's Hammer & Devotion's Might

Iron Wayfarer's Hammer


Transitioning from agility to raw strength, the combination of the Iron Wayfarer's Hammer and Devotion's Might presents a formidable dual Grand Hammer setup. In the realm of Lords of the Fallen, these two weapons stand out as exemplars of power and devastation.

The Pinnacle of Weaponry

Both the Devotion's Might and the Iron Wayfarer's Hammer earn their place among the elite weapons in the game. Their imposing presence and raw strength make them sought-after choices for those who prefer a more robust and forceful approach to combat.

Divergent Yet Complementary

While the Iron Wayfarer's Hammer appears to cater to a more versatile, all-rounded build, and Devotion's Might leans towards a distinct strength focus, their differences don't hinder their ability to function harmoniously when wielded together. This dual Grand Hammer setup promises to crush the skulls of virtually any adversary in the game.

Unleashing Controlled Destruction

Despite the apparent slowness of this dual-wielding combination, players will revel in the feeling of power as they execute heavy attacks. The Power Armor provides a sense of resilience during the charging phases, ensuring players can withstand incoming assaults. Furthermore, the Wayfarer's Hammer introduces elemental damage, exploiting enemy weaknesses and making each strike a potent force that is hard to evade. 

8. Bloodlust & Bloody Glory



In this unorthodox recommendation, the focus shifts from wielding both weapons simultaneously to strategically utilizing the distinct advantages of each. Bloodlust, renowned for its popularity in Lords of the Fallen, stands out for its innate ability to restore the player's health upon each successful kill.

Dual Purpose Healing

While the recommendation doesn't strictly involve dual-wielding both weapons simultaneously, it introduces a clever strategy. By equipping Bloodlust and wielding Bloody Glory in a two-handed stance, players can primarily engage enemies with the latter. However, when faced with mobs or swarms, the swift switch to dual-wielding mode allows for efficient crowd control.

Passive Healing Without the Need to Wield

The unique aspect of this combination lies in the fact that players benefit from Bloodlust's heal-on-kill passive even when it's not actively wielded in hand. By merely having it equipped, the health restoration effect comes into play. This strategic approach allows players to capitalize on the strengths of both weapons, making this combination a distinctive and effective choice for versatile combat scenarios.

7. Most Daggers + A Short Sword or Fist Weapon

In this unconventional yet effective recommendation, the focus shifts to the speed and finesse of the weapon arsenal, promoting a playstyle that emphasizes quick and calculated strikes, as well as an enhanced parrying proficiency.

Agile Movesets and Parrying Synergy

Players opting for quicker movesets and a more interactive parrying system in Lords of the Fallen are encouraged to dual-wield two Daggers or pair a Short Sword, Fist Weapon, or even an Axe with a Dagger in their Shield Hand. The rationale behind this recommendation lies in the diverse parry windows offered by different weapons and shields in the game.

Precision and Reactivity

Daggers, with their larger parry windows, allow players to react swiftly to incoming attacks. By combining weapons like Jefferey's Dagger and Elianne the Starved's Sword, players not only maximize their damage output but also gain the ability to deftly parry, providing a strategic advantage in various combat situations. This unique combination promotes a playstyle that blends agility with precise timing, making it a standout choice for those seeking finesse and versatility on the battlefield.

6. Kukajin's Sword & Bloodlust

Kukajin's Sword


Introducing a formidable combination that amplifies the potency of the Bloodlust Short Sword, this pairing involves the lethal Kukajin's Sword, obtained through either defeating Kukajin or progressing through her questline.

A Symphony of Destruction

By combining Kukajin's Sword, renowned for its exceptional scaling with Agility and proficiency in inflicting Bleed and Poison, with the Bloodlust Short Sword, players unleash a devastating symphony of afflictions upon their foes.

A Multifaceted Assault

Enemies facing this dual-wielding onslaught find themselves subjected to a relentless barrage of bleeding and poisoning effects, creating a deadly concoction. As the adversaries succumb to these ailments, the Bloodlust Short Sword ensures that the player is not only dealing damage but also reaping the benefits of health restoration with each victorious encounter.

Obtaining the Duo

To secure this formidable combination, players must either conquer Kukajin in battle or progress through her questline. Once in possession of Kukajin's Sword and the Bloodlust, players wield a dual force that transforms every engagement into a visceral and strategic dance of death.

5. Elianne The Starved's Sword & Pieta's Sword

Elianne the Starved's Sword


Presenting a purposeful weapon combination, Elianne the Starved's Sword and Pieta's Sword create a dual sword spectacle. Each renowned for its unique attributes and individual popularity.

A Symphony of Blades

While Pieta's Sword has earned its fame as a dominant force in online PvP, Elianne the Starved's Sword brings its own unique charm to the duo. Despite not reaching the same level of prowess, Elianne's Sword holds its own, with the only notable challenge being the demanding Inferno stat requirement. However, this hurdle can be overcome with the Crafter's Essence Rune.

Visual Elegance and Unique Attacks

The true allure of this weapon combination lies not only in their individual strengths but also in the visual spectacle they create when wielded together. Players engaging with this dual sword setup are treated to a unique attack, setting it apart from other weapon combinations

4. Final Whisper & Talon

Final Whisper


In the realm of Fist Weapons in Lords of the Fallen, the Final Whisper and Talon emerge as an unexpectedly potent gauntlet combination. While Fist Weapons may not be the go-to choice for all players, their dedicated fanbase appreciates the unique playstyle they bring to the game.

A Symphony of Strikes

The Final Whisper and Talon combination unleashes a relentless symphony of strikes, taking advantage of the fast attack speed inherent to Fist Weapons. While the Talon stands out as the superior option, boasting raw physical damage and Frostbite effects, the Final Whisper complements it with additional Wither damage and a hint of Poison buildup.

Swift and Lethal

Fist Weapons may not be the most popular, but this gauntlet pairing offers a unique and formidable playstyle. With lightning-fast attacks, enemies will find themselves succumbing to the relentless assault of Final Whisper and Talon, making every strike a whisper that signals their inevitable defeat.

3. Flail Of Wisdom & Flail Of Wisdom

Flail Of Wisdom


In the realm of unconventional weapon choices, the dual Flail of Wisdom setup in Lords of the Fallen offers a unique and somewhat comical approach to combat. While Flails might not be the go-to weapons in a world filled with giant broadswords and polearms, the sheer audacity of swinging dual Flails adds a touch of hilarity to battles.

A Flurry of Flails

While the Flail moveset may not be the most versatile, the Flail of Wisdom stands out as the undisputed champion among its kind in Lords of the Fallen. Boasting impressive Physical Damage scaling, wielding two Flails of Wisdom simultaneously not only delivers actual damage but also injects a healthy dose of hilarity into the combat experience.

New Game+ Hilarity

To achieve the dual Flail setup, players must venture into NG+, making it a more advanced and entertaining option for those seeking a unique playthrough. However, for those in the initial playthrough, the second Flail of Wisdom can be temporarily replaced with something like the Flail of Holy Agony, adding an extra layer of goofiness to the build.

A Goofy and Formidable Build

While the dual Flail setup might be a humorous deviation from traditional weapon choices, the Flail of Wisdom's impressive scaling ensures that this seemingly comical build packs a surprising punch. 

2. Ebonlight & Luminous Abiding Defender Swords

Ebonlight Abiding Defender Sword


The Abiding Defenders' legacy lives on in the form of the Ebonlight and Luminous Abiding Defender Swords, creating a powerful and visually cohesive dual Grand Sword combination.

Dual Radiance Unleashed

For those who braved the polarizing Abiding Defenders boss fight, the reward lies in the dual radiance of the Ebonlight and Luminous Swords. Beyond their shared visual aesthetic and scaling, these Grand Swords diverge in their elemental prowess. Ebonlight introduces Bleed and Wither, while Luminous embraces Bleed and Holy damage.

Late-Game Radiant Power

The only drawback to this formidable combination is its availability in the late game, making it a reward for those who persevere through the challenging encounters. However, for those who appreciate the visual harmony and elemental diversity, the dual Radiant Abiding Defender Swords offer a striking and powerful choice in the later stages of the game.

1. Rosamund's Sword & Judge Cleric's Corrupted Sword

Rosamund's Sword


In the realm of balanced stat allocation, the dynamic duo of Rosamund's Sword and Judge Cleric's Corrupted Sword offers a unique and versatile combination. Tailored for players evenly spreading their stats across Strength, Agility, Radiance, and Inferno, these Long Swords provide a harmonious blend of power and elemental diversity.

Balanced Might and Elemental Mastery

For players seeking a well-rounded approach to combat, the combination of Rosamund's Sword and Judge Cleric's Corrupted Sword ensures versatility in both speed and raw power. With favorable scaling across Strength, Agility, Radiance, and Inferno, this pairing allows for a seamless integration of various sorceries and Umbral spells.

A Symphony of Elements

The unique aspect of this combination lies in its ability to cover three elemental types—Frostbite, Holy, and Fire—offering a diverse arsenal to overcome a variety of adversaries. This dynamic duo serves as a testament to the flexibility and adaptability achievable through balanced stat distribution, providing players with a comprehensive and formidable weapon combination in Lords of the Fallen.


In the ever-challenging world of Lords of the Fallen, the choice of weapons goes beyond mere utility—it becomes an art, a statement of one's playstyle and strategic prowess. As we've explored various weapon combinations throughout this article, from the dual-wielding frenzy of Short Swords to the comical yet powerful dual Flails, it's evident that the game's diversity offers a palette for every taste.

Each combination caters to a distinct playstyle, providing players with the tools to carve their path through the challenging realms of Lords of the Fallen. Remember that the true artistry lies in the fluidity of combat, and the thrill of discovering unexpected synergies.


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