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Torchlight: Infinite Best Class Guide

Torchlight has been a challenging project for a considerable amount of time. With its distinctive art style and enjoyable, fluid gameplay, the first game in the franchise was dripping with personality and charm, but it didn't stand out from the competition. Expectations were also fairly high because the game was created by the same group that worked on the original Diablo. Torchlight undoubtedly found its audience, yet, this lackluster response could have assisted the franchise's status in the game industry.

Your new ARPG game experience, Torchlight: Infinite, will put you in the dark and feature various adventures, action, and equipment. First, however, you need to create your kind of hero to successfully conquer this land because it has to do with fusing yourself between light and evil. Therefore, you must be aware of the appropriate class to enroll in. And that's what we're bringing you today: a tutorial for Torchlight: Infinite Classes.

Mechanics of the game

With the on-screen gamepad that appears with Torchlight: Infinite, you can control your hero, which completely supports touchscreen controllers. The game also features goal markets that you may locate via the navigation at the top f the map. In addition, unpredictable enemy swarms will emerge in every region, bringing unpredictable gear and treasure you can grab. The game also has Wrap points that you can use to travel between locations on a task or wander. It's that simple: the longer you engage in the game, the more areas you'll open up.

Torchlight Infinite Gameplay

Torchlight: Infinite is a game where possession of various items and currencies will affect your advancement in-game. It is advised that you own a decent amount of in-game currency to have an enjoyable gaming experience.

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Classes in Torchlight: Infinite

Given that there are five classes, each has been individually discussed in the following paragraphs. Although you will be provided with some tips and information on the Torchlight: Infinite classes so you can choose your classes intelligently, in this guide, you will get to know their unique features so you can handle the gameplay. You won't find playing your game much harder as a result.

Each class member has a distinct personality, with qualities and flaws that change depending on how they are used. But you can also use talents to improve a player's abilities even further. Because he is skilled in melee combat, consider the Berserker as an example, it is a summoner class, as opposed to a class like Commander, that sends minions to battle alongside its members.

Frostfire Gemma

The Frostfire Gemma, a mage, takes on the class's first role. She will use magic and ice to destroy her foes, and the potent spells the Frostfire Gemma cast will harm them to the highest point. Additionally, it has a vast hitting and defeating power.

If you desire Frostfire Gemma to succeed at best at her scope, remember to set her in the appropriate place. She will also deal the most damage caused against the foes. Few characters, especially in AoE settings, can deal as much heavy damage as the Frostfire. Gemma may take on various elemental forms, every one of which enables her to channel a range of spells appropriate for several situations.

Torchlight: Infinite Frostfire Gemma

Berserker Rehan

He will be a combat champion in the game, and this is your next role from the list of classes. He has a fascinating backstory and uses a Hammer of Ash to inflict damage on the surrounding region. Rehan is a warrior who can produce Rage while still suffering harm, and because of this, he attacks with more speed and deals more damage.

The Berserker is one of the best classes for players to employ to survive conflicts since he can endure them for a long time. In addition, he increases his movement and damage output whenever he has a full Rage bar. His gameplay involves charging at swarms of adversaries head-on and tanking their blows while simultaneously doing a ton of damage.

Since it allows for a lot of room for error, the Berserker is the ideal class for beginning players, especially those unfamiliar with ARPGs. Additionally, its play style doesn't require intricate movements or techniques to execute flawlessly.

Torchlight: Infinite Berserker Rehan

Spacetime Witness Youga

The third class in this list of Torchlight: Infinite roles is the Spacetime Witness, who excels in manipulating his environment throughout the game. So, in essence, he is a figure who can seriously confuse his adversaries, rendering them powerless. After that, Spacetime Witness Youga will defeat them by casting some strong spells.

Due to his odd skill set, a mix of the Commander and the Frostfire, the Spacetime Witness gets a unique position on this list of tiers. In simple terms, this class can call its minions and use powerful spells to deliver damage in AoE situations. Most of this class's spells and abilities are time-based, as suggested by their name, which implies that they frequently have auxiliary effects that can hinder the movements and activities of enemies and aid and enhance allies in a group.

Torchlight: Infinite Spacetime Witness Youga

Divineshot Carino

We have Divineshot Carino here to play the range warrior role from the Torchlight: Infinite classes, and he is very proficient with projectile strikes and other weapons. In addition, he has some faster and better moves than other classes and excellent mobility. As a result, Carino can perform well against his opponents with an acceptable length and will be doing well when assaulting his adversaries from a range because he is the fastest unit in the game.

Naturally, enormous power also carries immense responsibility. Although Carino deals significant damage, he is fairly vulnerable and needs some expertise to use effectively, especially when going up against more challenging foes. However, he excels at taking out swarms of weaker foes, making him a complete delight to play. As the closest thing this game has to a "pure DPS," this class is perfect for those who wish to play one.

Torchlight: Infinite Divineshot Carino

Commander Moto

The final class in our list of Torchlight: Infinite classes features Commander Moto, who serves as the game's instructor. He was formerly the leader of the Iron Spate Knights and is an expert in construction and ember technology in this game. The advanced technological equipment is called forth by Commander Moto, who issues orders to them.

Commander Moto excels at close-quarters combat and close-range melee combat. However, it would be more precise to say that the Commander Moto has a highly unique playing style from others. As a result, he plays a unique role throughout the classes. 

Moto has a powerful hammer, but his real power comes from his ability to call up mechs and robotic henchmen to help him in battle. He is a powerful player asset because his teammates may aid in assault and defense. However, Moto's power initially falls short due to this dependency on minions.

Torchlight: Infinite Commander Moto


It's important to note that while each class has unique characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages, there are other factors to consider when deciding on your initial class in Torchlight: Infinite. The talents you'll gain as you progress provide each class with many customizations. This will be covered in subsequent guides, but for the time being, it should assist you in deciding on your Torchlight: Infinite beginning class.

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