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Mortal Online 2: Character Building Guide & Attribute Effects

Mortal Online 2 emphasizes the importance of character creation, one of the critical aspects of any MMORPG. Even the food you eat is based on your class, thanks to the hyper-realistic aspect of the game. You can even change your character's height and weight to make him a better fit for the class.

Knowing your character's strengths and weaknesses allows you to level up more efficiently and explore endgame content more easily. As you progress through the game, you will learn about the races, their specializations, and how to level up your character.

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Attributes & Buildings of Character

Following are some of the classes you can use as your character in Mortal Online.


In terms of stats, humans generally have an expansive attribute pool, and two of their sub-races have the highest attribute total in the game. According to their subraces, their attribute maxes can help with a wide variety of things.

While some are very strong but lack intelligence and psyche, others are knowledgeable and psyched and have great strength. The right sub-race choice can allow humans to become suitable for any build.


The Kallards are a race of humans that resemble Vikings. The Kallards are among the most robust, most resilient, and biggest people on earth. Their reward is the second-lowest total of attributes and the lowest intelligence among the races of humans.

Likewise, they are not particularly fast, although, as mentioned previously, there isn't a massive difference in speed between various viable foot builds.


Khurites have good strength and constitution while also being the fastest human race. Moreover, there is a critically low attribute total for them.

In light of the only minor differences in speed currently present, I think Khurites are very bad at everything and have no use for anything other than flavor.


Among all characters, Sarduccans have the highest attribute total. The strength of these guys is terrible, and they are minimal, but the rest of their stats are okay to good, with psyche being their main strength. Because of this, they make excellent magic-based builds.


The Sidoians' exceptional intelligence makes them stand out from the Ohgmirs, the most intelligent race in the game. Additionally, they have a high degree of strength but a low degree of skill for humans. Sidonians can play both the role of mages and battlemages as mounted hybrids.


Despite having less constitution, Tindremenes are stronger and more significant than Sarduccans, with the highest attributes. Intindremene makes for an excellent hybrid/battlemage, and it is also a good mix with builds aiming for physical damage that need more attribute points.


There is no doubt that the Alvarin have exceptional talent and a good psyche. As a result, they are fragile and brilliant compared to humanoids and all ohgmirs.

Due to their clade gifts, they have no penalty for jumping in combat mode, 50% less damage when falling, less stamina use when swimming, and the ability to recover stamina faster when standing still.

They also receive straight movement speed boosts. When used with bows, two additional bonuses increase their strength by 20.


The Veela are the fastest and strongest of the two races of Alvarin. Excellent archers can also catch fleeing targets or flank their opponents during combat.


It is slightly slower for Sheevra, they have more intelligence, and their attribute cap is somewhat higher. Their playstyle centers around kiting and harassing. They are excellent dex mages.


No clade is more substantial, intelligent, or constrained than the Ohgmir. The problem is that they have low talent and the lowest attribute totals. They are, therefore, excellent fighters, excellent mages, but not good hybrids due to the lack of points they have to create such a build.

The Blades can smoke ichor to heal themselves, resulting in a temporary reduction in maximum health. Standing still and wearing heavy armor both reduce damage and are more advantageous.


They have a higher constitution cap and are slightly larger than Blainn. Many consider them excellent tanks and foot fighters.


Heurgar is stronger and more intelligent than other races. Despite this, Blainn is still generally regarded as the best melee combatant due to their decent archery and magic skills.


A Thursar is a half-riser, half-human creature. Their riser half maximizes their size, strength, agility (most of the time), and constitution score while downgrading their intelligence, psyche, and attribute scores.

A Thursar is an enormous melee titan that can also shoot a bow with devastating effects. They are mediocre at other things. Either foot warriors or heavy cavalry should represent Thursars.

In addition to their magical healing abilities, the blades possess the ability to steal health. Passively, they reduce physical damage while granting multiple damage buffs.


Humans of the Kallard race are most devoted to foot-fighting. The addition of Thursar only strengthens this. If they pick the right clade gifts, Thur/Khals have enough attributes to maximize their physical attributes fully. As a result, they are vulnerable to magic since they have nothing to put in their psyche and are large targets.


Tindermenes lack some of Thur-Khals' physical strength, but their attribute total is higher. A thursar build with Tindremene allows you to increase your psyche points, decreasing your vulnerability to magic.

Other Thursars

It is objectively impossible to like any other Thursar. Khurites are wrong because of Thur-Khur, just like I said when I started. Thu-Sard and Thu-Sid have a physical-damage build mixed with mage race characteristics.

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